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Example sentences for peril

But the vanishing reefs could face peril if we fail to sustain them.
Sports fans ignore her diagnoses at their peril — reconfiguring your imaginary lineup based on her instincts can really pay off.
Any life that was present or developing on Earth at the time would have been in constant peril of being blasted out of existence.
There is aloofness, a divide, between those in power and those in peril.
One area that holds out both undeniable peril and extraordinary promise is energy.
So stall at your own peril.
Ignore it at your own peril.
But at the end of the day, we forget at our peril the obvious: these guys are really, really smart.
We begin to see that it's at their own peril that designers disregard critiques.
The psychologists wanted to explore more directly this link between psychological distance and real peril.
He would spend the next eight years at it, at some peril to his sanity.
Such coincidences are ignored at one's peril, so the review's going up.
But unless they work well together and the roles are clear, it is an unnecessary peril.
It imparted to the wearer a kind of sacredness, which enabled her to walk securely amid all peril.
It's an innovative financial tool that has great promise and great peril.
All have their own advantages and disadvantages, which are ignored at a designer's peril.
Some worried that their liberties would be put in peril.
Still, here was the author's attempt to allow opposites-peril and bliss, furtive lovers and traditional family-to harmonize.
But dredging up these negative thoughts isn't the only peril of positive thinking.
But, the-peril-of-positive-thinking link goes to a blank page.
However, he is in some peril of turning from a skeptic into a denier.
The road to recovery is fraught with peril, but now is the time for a more balanced, humane policy.
Named-peril policies specify risks covered and exclude everything else.
All-peril policies specify risks not covered but include everything else.
Above all, central bankers now know that they ignore macro financial stability at their peril.
But opponents who dismiss her as an airhead do so at their peril.
Even if the initiative goes nowhere, it is fraught with political peril.
But the authorities play with the government-bond market at their peril.
Globalisation, for one, has increased the sense of peril.
And yet it is not simply in his record of aggression, cruelty and recklessness that the peril to the wider world resides.
Predicting the future is always fraught with peril, yes, but demographics is an exception.
The school reforms are popular with parents, he says, and politicians know they meddle with them at their peril.
We neglect this spirit of inspired immaturity at our own peril.

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