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The living room needs a new coat of paint, perhaps a fresh start for both of you.
These items have the potential to impress the committee and perhaps even set you apart from other candidates.
And perhaps now another box can be checked: the practice of bribing one's way onto the charts.
Perhaps the doctor did ask her permission, but she didn't say anything to her husband or family.
If you think you know one bigger in any species listed, you can nominate it, and perhaps unseat the reigning champ.
Some will argue that perhaps he never really understood why his films resonated with an entire generation so profoundly.
The library will look and operate differently, and perhaps provide a different kind of experience for students and faculty.
Perhaps the ceaseless vigilance of the police has dramatically reduced the availability of drugs on the street.
Perhaps farming them industrially is somewhat more efficient than say fish farming or cattle.
Perhaps it's the growing interest in cheeses in general.
But as the ceremony today shows, the probe's symbolic importance perhaps rivals its scientific value.
Perhaps this is because the whole thing seems so obvious.
Perhaps half of all hedge funds will go out of business.
Perhaps they also steer by visual landmarks, he said.
Perhaps they set out in search of food, or maybe it was simply wanderlust.
They are not related to foxes, except perhaps for their cunning nature.
The salt technique is new to me and perhaps you, too.
Perhaps best of all in terms of accessibility are the voice-controlled menus.
So the profession's growth continues, perhaps tempered by the global economic slide.
When it comes to cultivating a green thumb, gardeners perhaps need only look to their urinals and fireplaces.
Now perhaps you can show us the science you did to prove your hypothesis.
Coal will no longer be dug, except perhaps with the object of transforming it into bread or meat.
Perhaps the oldest and easiest form of food preservation is sun-drying.
Or perhaps you're a librarian or an academic publisher.
Perhaps misinterpretation is a strong word but to be stuck in dogma in the years to come is perhaps futile.
Or perhaps the stick-and-slip mechanism was simply an accident of evolutionary history.
However, perhaps you can also think of times when anger wasn't so bad.
Or plant a portion of your existing garden, perhaps an island bed, with a cottage-style mix of perennials and roses.
Perhaps the strangest part about any occupation is the bureaucracy that is created around it.
Perhaps you think you don't need to go over this old ground again.
He wants to go further, perhaps by collaborating on programmes.
The resulting footage has shed light on rarely seen mating behavior, captured on film perhaps for the first time.
Lucid dreaming is useful for treating chronic nightmares and perhaps even anxiety.
Perhaps they represented ancestors, or heroes, or gods or goddesses from some spirit world.
Perhaps this is the fault of the postal service, but either way, it's a disappointment.
Perhaps they're gritting their teeth instead of looking away.
Perhaps both opponents and the press should spend more time looking beyond the leaders.
Perhaps he could be part of one of the studies on hatred.
Perhaps this is a relationship that merits more thoughtful exploration.
And perhaps you'll be graced with a jar of honey after the beekeeper has settled the bees in a new home.
Perhaps the slide-out, rather than the folding-style double screen, could be an improvement though.
Once conservationists uncover such details, perhaps they will be able to head off the next invasion.
To strengthen a wall, and perhaps a corner as well, add ladder wire every other course and under the top course.
Perhaps their successes weren't due to skill at all.
Perhaps two tyrannosaurs were fighting and one bit the other on the face, losing a tooth in the process.
Or perhaps we've got a drone that's been fed royal jelly all his life.
Perhaps the trend of keeping backyard bees isn't as popular as the not-so-bogus backyard chicken trend.
To the list of wonders of the ancient world, perhaps another should be added: nanotechnology.
Perhaps more than anything else, it is the extraordinary architecture that takes a visitor's breath away.
But perhaps it will be enough to tempt you to tuck a few dahlias tubers in the ground this spring.
Perhaps the aliens have the opposite convention, in which they point their magnetic flow lines the other way.
Perhaps they could have compared notes on the famous aviators.
Perhaps they could also use this to find a target unique to all strains of staph and then engineer a phage to exploit it.
Perhaps solar power can match the retail price of supplying electricity to a home, but only during bright sunshine.
Perhaps a candidate cannot formally declare a re-election bid via ballpoint pen, notepad and mouse pad.
Though perhaps not as aggressive as is commonly believed.
Perhaps your style is more impulsive than either of the two described so far.
Perhaps when a television show staff member began kneeling to put the star's shoes on her.
Perhaps these designations derive not so much from geography as from spelling.
At the time, there were few part-timers or adjuncts and perhaps the rationale made sense.
Perhaps a new fig tree grows for four winters, untouched by freezes, bearing big crops each summer.
Perhaps you didn't realize that dollhouse miniature brothels are a collectors' item.
Perhaps there is a hive somewhere in the neighborhood.
It's a familiar refrain for those caught up in this recurring environmental nightmare, perhaps more familiar than you think.
Perhaps you're ready to move into a smaller house, a condominium or a retirement home.
Perhaps they were primed by the sweetness to expect a burst of calories, and when that didn't follow, they kept eating and eating.
Perhaps it enables them to learn something about themselves that they hadn't yet realized.
Perhaps people soon realized they could perhaps use the felines to control these pests.
Perhaps this explains my fascination with capturing bees for this month's photos.
Perhaps your husband is going through something similar.
Perhaps these posters have been chastised, by a self appointed moderator, for not searching on a topic before they posted.
Yet perhaps he must take some of the blame for the new cacophony.
Perhaps we've got a biological oddity growing in our hives.
Or perhaps the opposite effect prevailed: it may have made some people more sceptical that the original stimulus did any good.
Perhaps they believe it's time to move to the sidelines.
Perhaps modern biology is in need of a fundamental revision.
Archaeologists think these trays and tubes were used to inhale herbs, perhaps ceremonially.
Perhaps the complexities of great ape social relationships selected for large brains.
My need to understand the city is perhaps inescapable.
Perhaps that is because senior scholars were tenured at a time when the expectations for the profession were different.
Labour-market reform is perhaps the toughest of all.
Perhaps the bats are chasing water droplets and not insects.
Perhaps the tighter requirements for loans have pushed potential buyers out of the market.
Shamans told stories of people turning to stone, which perhaps helped explain ancient stone figures erected much earlier.
Perhaps the contestant has a seizure and can't remember his original choice.
Perhaps this will put a damper on those who advocate against the use of antibiotics for strep throat.
Perhaps the editors might choose a different picture for the article next time.
Then the weirdest thing-perhaps a bit of magic-happened.
Many, perhaps almost all, have been every bit as futile.
Perhaps their members, particularly in the public sector, actually believed them.
Given the great size not only of space but also of time, perhaps intelligent life looks different elsewhere.
Perhaps, but he still looks a little out of place in the magic kingdom.
It is keeping its distance for fear of dirtying itself by lending to governments and, perhaps, stoking inflation.
So perhaps the universities should be the ones paying to support the journals.
His first thought was that perhaps he'd only sprained it.
Perhaps a volcano erupted, or an earthquake shook the ground.
The reason for the meat sharing, however, was a mystery-though perhaps not too tough to guess.
Perhaps even more important, the scientists say, is that they found arrowroot remains at the same dig site.
For example, perhaps you're a grad student who's been asked to organize a speaker series in your department.
Perhaps she truly did wow the curmudgeon with her pluck, particularly as the pluck was backed with an intelligent argument.
Perhaps we'll spend more time hiking and biking and less time buying.
Perhaps it isn't a bad idea that they do--why bother starting new ones year after year.
He emphasized and supported the importance of education in a way that was perhaps unprecedented among his coaching colleagues.
More students attempted to test out of college courses last year than in the past, perhaps to avoid rising tuition costs.
Perhaps more than any other top campus administrator, the chief diversity officer is a lightning rod for criticism.
Perhaps some one tells a story, or some one plays and everyone sings.
Perhaps another dreadful conflict is to be sustained.
To have precipitated matters would have meant either a foreign or a domestic war-perhaps both.
The point is not, perhaps easy to reconcile with the doctrine of evolution as otherwise expounded by him.
The stress he laid on experience in the growth of mind led him to magnify, perhaps overmuch, the power of education.
The desire for a national literature was undiminished, though it was perhaps becoming more intelligent.
Perhaps it was all good-will and balanced trade negotiations.
Sometime later you would receive the grocery bill, perhaps by e-mail.
Perhaps more than any other factor, the life span of batteries has limited the infiltration of robotics into daily life.
Perhaps others might even think it a strategy by environmentalists to further policy goals.
Perhaps the differences between old and new instruments are more readily apparent to observers.
Perhaps more knowledgeable readers understand exactly whatever you're trying to say.
And maybe the discovery of the risks of smoking too, although it seems that perhaps the message hasn't sunk in all over the world.
She did not shift her feet during the recital-perhaps because the old wooden floor planks could creak loudly.
Perhaps that's why it's so easy to argue about movies.
Perhaps this has to do with what's sometimes perceived as the city's secondary status.
Singing should have been her salvation, and perhaps it was.
More curiously, perhaps, even these broad generalizations often contradict one another.
Today it would need no courage at all: today the equivalent action would be, perhaps, to defend antisemitism.
We had waited perhaps half an hour for him to awaken and then be dressed.
They have already tasted the fruits and sweets of the big city, and qualified as urban-perhaps better say urbane-sophisticates.
Better to say, perhaps, that she remains the ineffable ideal toward which all lyric poetry has striven ever since.
In future perhaps you could urge your reviewers to choose their words more carefully.
Perhaps it was the pub, perhaps the pint, perhaps the people.
If, perhaps, you needed to suggest that your persona was not fixed.
It was bigger than the others, and less nimble-maimed, perhaps.
Perhaps it was some other creature, a beast unnamed and unknown.
They're all she has, and perhaps has ever had, in this life.
It could also be useful in monitoring patients and perhaps even targeting drug treatment to affected areas of the brain.
There are no outward symptoms other than perhaps a gradual loss of peripheral vision.
Perhaps you thought that the shoe, that ancient yet humble piece of technology, had reached its ultimate form long ago.
Perhaps, new research suggests, scientists have been targeting the wrong kind of brain cells.
The company says future incarnations could perhaps be used to capture energy from braking vehicles.
But you see how technology is going to shake the ground your company is standing on, perhaps even toppling the business itself.
Perhaps some day some genetic manipulation will allow us to grow extra digits.
Perhaps this technology has something to contribute.
Perhaps nothing known to modern science is as unlikely and outrageous as the daily work of our genes.
Perhaps some things in life shouldn't be cheaper by the dozen.
It was perhaps a little odd to be traveling together.
If the physical shape were not evidence enough, perhaps the clues tucked loosely inside would allude to its age.
Then perhaps she could explain the above fruit juice discrepancy.
Or perhaps she had been eaten by the old red fox that patrols the houses in our area.
And speaking of bureaucracy, perhaps the biggest problem involves the laws governing the issuing of new permits.
The concept of speed is pervasive, as perhaps is the awareness of time being short.
First it will become wireless and ubiquitous, crawling into the woodwork and perhaps even under our skin.
It is perhaps equally true that no bread would ever have been baked without philosophy.
Perhaps and, perhaps more important, it means warding off symptoms that might be confused with anthrax infection.
Perhaps you merely get your thrills cleaning house the cheapest, greenest way.
There are conditions in which an organism has an extra chromosome or perhaps one too few.

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