perfunctory in a sentence

Example sentences for perfunctory

Many institutions provide only perfunctory advising and/or counseling.
The daughter remembers how she was too busy with city life to make anything more than a perfunctory phone call home.
The whole business seems rather perfunctory.
As the book proceeds, the stories and resolutions become more perfunctory.
Andrew has passed 14 years in a perfunctory, taciturn marriage.
The first order of business is to wrap up last season's cliffhanger, which the show does in rather perfunctory fashion.
Finishing and defending was one of the most perfunctory things I've ever done.
On the shelves the perfumes are arrayed in stout little laboratory bottles with perfunctory white labels.
Usually it is done in a pretty perfunctory way.
Hundreds of boatmen ferry tourists in and out of the sea cave in a perfunctory parade.
And explicit in that point is a perfunctory understanding of history.
Everything here, in contrast, is hobbled by perfunctory haste.
He was then perfunctory-marched through two days of interviews by depressed handlers, with nary a call later.
Some folks pay only perfunctory lip service to the month.
The platoon had conducted a perfunctory patrol to scout the immediate vicinity, but that was it.
Many of the colleges and community colleges, moreover, fail to provide more than perfunctory courses.
And the singer's annoyance led her to give a relatively perfunctory performance.
There's nothing perfunctory about the actors around him, but their material is limiting.
The acting has the flat, perfunctory feel of low-budget television drama.
The plot is a perfunctory scramble of family-film conventions.
He does it with perfunctory dexterity and a blank expression on his face.
These are characters, largely speaking set dialogue that is perfunctory and unconvincing.
And it's a perfunctory task, but you got to do it right.
The press has breathlessly reported on every perfunctory exchange the two have had.
The painting is accomplished but rather perfunctory.
These processes should not be considered perfunctory.
The proposed changes are not simply ministerial or perfunctory.
Acceptance of these principles should not be perfunctory, it should be weighed carefully.
Not surprisingly, there was a high correlation between perfunctory permanency hearings and long-term episodes of foster care.
Teachers in many cases indicated that supervision was perfunctory and evaluative.
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