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Jars of skin cream still bore the scent of coconuts, and flasks of perfume exuded essence of rose.
The czar's servants carried the opulent dishes, perfume bottles and other personal items directly to the czar's private chamber.
One is worth more to scent your hand-kerchief with than any perfume which they sell in the shops.
The fresh milky odor is quite perceptible, also the perfume of hay from the barn.
And putting make-up, hair extensions, and perfume in the same category as lying is really a stretch.
Many of the ingredients prized by perfume companies are being regulated out of existence.
There are perfume legends, there are perfumer legends, and then there are perfumes that become obsessions.
They are used in everything from perfume bottles to car engines.
Plant a vine near a patio where you can enjoy its perfume on balmy summer evenings.
Ultimately, her reputation led her to the perfume industry.
In reality, it is a perfume that uses mint's form to reconceptualize a material into a work.
Another showed, beside a tray of perfume bottles, two stone hands twisted in pain.
While heat is flowing, or perfume molecules are spreading, they can do work are useful.
Though perfume makers have found synthetic alternatives to musk, the hunting hasn't stopped.
Similarly, the shape of the bottle helps determine perfume sales.
Its delicious perfume carries with it the suggestion of a better world.
Adored by some people, detested by others, the aroma is so powerful that a few ripe berries can perfume a room.
Newer hybrids may be showier, but this species is still cherished for its delightful perfume and early bloom time.
There he discovered highly-scented spices and perfume essences, which he brought home with him.
She put on makeup and perfume every morning, and dangling earrings.
The perfumer then selects and combines ingredients they feel will ultimately convey these facets in a finished perfume.
Much the same is true of the odours of cooking, or of other people's food or perfume.
Their hair was dyed unsubtle shades of red and they entered the car in a cloud of cheap perfume.
Perfume also deters wildlife and attracts biting bugs.
He found old bottles of perfume on one of the ruins on the island.
We think of perfume as lovely in moderation, but there is another way to think of perfume, as a way to cheat.
Neither heavy nor perfume-y, it gives the sorbet a delicate, aromatic sweetness.
In summer these trees perfume the coast and support osprey nests.
Smell the perfume of flowers, taste with relish each morsel, as if tomorrow you could never smell and taste again.
AS my friend's surprise illustrated, the delicate perfume of sweet-cream butter is fugitive.
Also thrilling is a selection of homey relics-perfume bottles, drinking bowls, a dog collar-that prompt shivers of recognition.
It will raise sales taxes across the board and impose heavy duties on luxury items such as perfume and chocolate.
All are guaranteed to perfume your home with enticing scents.
However further research is needed to confirm whether the blood perfume actually confers a reproductive advantage.
Buttery perfume deters mosquitoes by overloading their sense of smell.
The bodyguard, who wore expensive shoes and smelled of perfume, hovered around the door.
She found a way to create her own, blending different perfume oils.
The first indicator of a fragrance irritation or allergy is usually a skin rash after the use of a perfume, cream, or lotion.
For example, don't use perfume or smelly products if they make your asthma worse.
We thought that the fig might be too present in the perfume and there were wild fig trees everywhere.
As with perfume and scarves, high-end shoes have been kicking up dust in the face of shoppers with shrinking bank accounts.
Life is not boulders and snow and perfume and chiffon.
The fortune-teller had heavily rouged cheeks and wore cheap perfume, and her raspberry-colored scarves needed cleaning.
In the flavor-and-fragrance industry, the toughest battles are fought not behind the perfume counter but on grocery-store shelves.
Its subtleties baffle scientists and enrich perfume compounders.
Perfume is pretty good because nobody has to hold the product by their face or use it.

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