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In the furtherance of these objects of national interest and concern you are performing an important part.
Listening to it and performing it was a big part of her life.
Tell the students that they will now be performing a prairie-chicken pageant or presentation.
If a bank that was performing a valuable function fails, another will spring up in its place.
When you're part of a group and your group is performing, you want the crowd to get hyped.
As a group, zinnias rank among the best-performing summer annuals.
Autumn is also prime time for major museum exhibits and the performing arts.
Then, home remedies go straight into shocking: performing chicken surgery.
Venom allergies can now be detected through blood work and by performing skin tests.
Talking is easier than doing, and promising than performing.
True bravery is shown by performing without witness what one might be capable of doing before all the world.
In performing this, with great devotion, the saint spent eight years.
Creative achievements in literature and the visual and performing arts.
Their plots recycled old musical formulas, with singers lip-syncing to pre-recorded tracks instead of performing live.
Most government workers are performing some task that they are getting paid for while people on welfare are not working at all.
In any case, his cherished unions were performing more out of duty than rage.
The main fund manager is usually the largest investor and remuneration depends on the fund performing profitably.
Researchers measured brain activity in volunteers performing letter-pairing tests.
Quick data collection is critical to performing real-time tasks, for example grasping a tool with a robotic arm.
After a six-month voyage, it landed precisely on target and began performing nearly flawlessly.
It has been performing clinical trial services for the past seven years.
People who inject or snort insulin immediately get better at recalling stories and performing other memory tasks.
It appears so simple but it requires a lot of time in performing it to make it effective in many ways and with definitive results.
Performing these sorts of tasks may help strengthen cellular connections, compensating for the malfunctioning genes.
It does not hinder her in performing her job duties.
But when the station plays a record, it is not only performing a copy of the composer's work.
The station is also performing a copy of the recording artist's work.
Early performances ranged from feeding fish to drinking from a soda bottle to performing with a submerged circus.
He spent his teenage years traveling around villages, performing.
It's time to look at the best-performing countries and pragmatically adapt their solutions.
During a banquet one night a group of five dancers in the entertainment entourage were performing a disco dance.
The reason, she feels, is that they're not surrounded by other top-performing students.
So new deals backed by mortgages that are performing well should provide relatively little risk.
But let no one suppose that he is performing a public duty in behaving in such a way.
The idea was not to move forward but to resist going backward, ideally while performing lots of fancy tricks.
Every high school athlete knows that feeling of being in the zone, performing in the moment.
Some have high attrition rates, especially among lower-performing students.
Novices performing the tasks requiring such skills showed clear right-hemisphere activation.
But skilled professionals showed distinct left-hemisphere activation while performing the same tasks.
Soon he had parishioners performing rituals of collective penitence and processing through their villages with statues of saints.
The turning point comes when, transformed into a donkey, he is performing in a circus and spies the fairy in the audience.
There was also a performing juggler who happens to be a professor of mathematics.
Performing skillfully was a matter of reading, and not actual comprehension.
He plays here with a small band, performing a selection of old and new material from his sprawling catalogue.
He attributed this to performing his funny cowboy dance for friends, relatives, and people waiting for buses.
He gave up painting and tried performing and writing poetry.
And, even as their originality has waned, their performing unit and corporate machine has been honed to perfection.
Without it, savants can access a startling capacity for recalling endless detail or for performing lightning-quick calculations.
On the plus side, her spacecraft was performing beautifully.
Cook invokes the idea of mirror neurons, which fire both when animals act and when they see others performing the same actions.
Even a supercomputer, performing thousands of operations at once, would take decades.
The workers are performing flotation, which isn't as refreshing as it sounds.
The system could also cost less than similarly performing hybrid technology that requires batteries.
And now we've learned that some of the highest-performing batteries can be dangerous.
Typically, the power output from a string of solar cells is limited by the lowest-performing cell.
So doctors performing these procedures must choose between bigger holes and clumsier movements.
It is amazing that building poorly performing solar cells get such press.
Shorting the experimenting time-line or performing experiment in parallel increases the ability to evaluate new options.
Though performing various operations can be made possible, still this lacks the mental comfort.
Before performing the piece, she sang those songs for the audience in an untrained but clear voice.
Humans should not be performing the pick and place jobs of factories.
Gas-electric hybrid vehicles are now on the road, performing public good.
Other adults are incomprehensible beings who hide in offices all day, performing secret tasks.
In some cases, merging is a way for fund companies to make poor-performing funds disappear.
And while performing these scheduling gymnastics, the company must keep a close eye on costs, projected revenue and profits.
Storytelling is a performing art that adults have enjoyed for thousands of years.
But never before have the laureates been more heavily weighted toward performing musicians.

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