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The perfidy and mendacity that follow mesmerize as much as they ring true.
For example, the extent and perfidy of the "ethanol" scam is now coming to light.
But she's sharp on the nitty-gritty of female friendships and male perfidy.
That would be just rewarding them for their perfidy.
The words used in picturing my perfidy cannot be repeated in polite society.
Even scientific obfuscation and perfidy come to play on many of these topics.
And while such rough handling might deter others from similar perfidy, it comes at a high social cost.
Nothing is beyond their perfidy.
When not in the heat of battle they struggle against the perfidy of man and the unpredictability of nature.
It very much smells of intrigue and perfidy.
These independent artists rue the perfidy of apostate millionaires, and moan about pop stars who abandoned the true faith.
After this act of perfidy, the negroes attempted to escape in the confusion that followed.
Donating the proceeds of his first novel, which exploited his perfidy for profit, would be a start.
Cheaters are shunned, and word of their perfidy spreads quickly.
And the figures hint at why journalists are more fascinated by perfidy among our own than civilians are.
He is a conventional villain, a machine of efficiency with perfidy in his heart.
Such an act of perfidy might start a world-wide conflagration.

Famous quotes containing the word perfidy

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