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Example sentences for perfectionist

Then again, weeding could drive a perfectionist mad, because it's a never-ending task.
He disdained the fastidious and perfectionist alignment of postures that some of his rivals practised in chilly yoga studios.
The perfectionist does not want old buildings made sanitary and fireproof without changing their essential character.
Ever a perfectionist, she gets a bikini wax for her implantation appointment at the fertility clinic.
No one knew how exacting he was-a mad perfectionist with an aesthetic few would understand.
He was a perfectionist who kept a file of correspondence with businesses he dealt with whose products were flawed.
No one becomes a workaholic perfectionist without past experiences that drive them in this direction.
Maladaptive perfectionist scores were strongly correlated with self-critical depression, but not dependent depression.
He found that a perfectionist temperament affected his academic work and communication.
Leadership styles that were controlling and perfectionist related to high anxiety, fear, and reticence to risk.
Bulimics might be helped by being encouraged to develop less perfectionist conceptions of their ideal self.
He was quite a perfectionist as far as both the content and the appearance of the product were concerned.

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