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The perfect guest room is not necessarily a vast chamber decorated in an historically correct period.
He caught that particular moment when everything is in perfect harmony.
Six, now that's a perfect number.
All these to me are unspeakably perfect miracles.
Lesser fruits may be more rugged, but when pears are perfect — buttery, succulent and subtle — they soar.
No one keeps perfect posture--everyone sways at least a little--and the brain needs the cues from the soles to stay balanced.
Each animal has a standard of perfection–a written standard that describes what the perfect one would look like.
He offers his daughter in marriage to whoever can make a stack of perfect pancakes.
First, the animal has razor-sharp serrated teeth—perfect for tearing flesh and causing massive wounds.
And he couldn't have chosen a more perfect place to do it.
Leaders are never perfect, and neither is he.
The only thing left is to pick that perfect wall color to tie it all together.
You've found that perfect, pricey gift for your significant other.
It's not a perfect measure, but it gives you an idea.
Your last rehearsal was perfect, and you're ready to go.
Then he had his perfect model generate three years of data of what would happen.
The computer is a perfect place to share good ideas.
We don't live in a perfect world and need to keep making improvements.
It is clear that algae are not the perfect solution claimed.
There is no perfect parabola, there is nothing perfect and that is breaking symmetry of a beautiful life.
In practice, however, no quantum cryptographic system is perfect and errors will creep in owing to mundane environmental noise.
But humans alone extend altruism beyond kin, frequently helping perfect strangers for no obvious personal gain.
Its task is daunting: to improve a product that pencil-lovers insist has been perfect for well over a century.
Antimatter cannot be the perfect opposite of matter, otherwise neither would exist at all.
Romantic types might say they seek the perfect soulmate but the revealed truth is more prosaic.
He's no one's perfect candidate, but he's no one's nightmare.
There is rarely if ever such a thing as a perfect solution to a disaster.
But it turns out to be a perfect location for data centres.
If you want to make the perfect ketchup, therefore, rheology is important.
Exactly how regular is now clear: an opinion poll shows that people see him as the perfect moderate.
The day was overcast, meaning no shadows and near-perfect light.
In a perfect world, using the computer would be as seamless and obstacle-free as possible.
Recognize that the perfect is the enemy of the good.
The metaphor of the perfect storm is badly overworked.
But, unlike those other studies, his finding makes perfect intuitive sense.
Whittling this mountain of degrees, awards, and experience down to one perfect professor will be daunting.
Eventually he was offered a tenure-track position that has been a perfect fit.
After using the course model in its latest iteration, he reported perfect attendance.
So, think of it that way: don't come up with a perfect answer to a question they might never ask.
Conventional wisdom holds you're born with perfect pitch or you're not.
What's more, the perfect recall of silicon memory can be an enormous boon to thinking.
The perfect trip should take in two regions in a week or so.
Their long snouts are perfect for finding ants in the ground.
Being this close to a bird you see how perfect the wild keeps them.
If you wait for everything to be perfect, you'll never take pictures.
These potluck desserts are the perfect sweets to take to your next party.
No one pretends that democracy is perfect or all-wise.
But experience does not offer an example of so perfect a correlation.
It was indeed the perfect semblance of a maiden that seemed to be alive, and only prevented from moving by modesty.
Eye shadow is a perfect way to try out the vibrant, jewel-toned trends seen on the fall runways.
Many of us with less-than-perfect vision fantasize about waking up one morning able to see perfectly.
Molecular had a dynamic, modern ring to it, perfect for ushering gastronomy into a new era.
The world is not smooth, made of perfect spheres and unbroken lines.
One of the requirements for flying in a spaceship used to be near-perfect vision.
Never mind that the presentation isn't completely perfect-the egg, mixing in with the earthy mushroom stew, is delicious.
Scientists say a perfect green lawn that never needs mowing may soon become a reality.
Radar peers beneath clothes to find weapons-and the perfect pair of jeans.
For this study, rats are the perfect lab rats: they can learn about foods through one quick sniff of another rat's breath.
The perfect storm came with plenty of advance warning.
The data set is not perfect, but it compensates for that in its size and breadth.
It seems to me this means it cannot be a perfect sphere.
But in markets showing signs of recovery, low rates might make now the perfect time to buy.
It's creamy and sweet with a soft inside and the perfect amount of chew.
Quick-cooking scallopini are perfect for breathing new life into busy weeknights.
Tagliatelle is a wide pasta known as the perfect accompaniment for any hearty sauce.
It often takes several attempts before our cooks perfect a given recipe.
Available in a wide variety of sizes and shapes, the mats' stick-free surfaces produce perfect baked goods time and time again.
Both sweet and vinegary, they are the perfect foil for any other toppings.
Even the texture is perfect, with the wet crunch of the lettuce mirrored by the dry croutons.
There's hardly a meal more satisfying than a perfect pizza, a crisp salad, and good wine.
In the quiet, convivial dining room, customers ooh and aah with the arrival of the picture-perfect plates.
What caught his eye was a small red gem of urinal cake, which had been tumbled and abraded into a perfect, fluid-winnowed capsule.
There was and there was not a great nature painter who painted a landscape so perfect it destroyed him.
The race is on to build the perfect e-reader and tablet display.
They spend all this time and energy trying to perfect corn, and it is a dead end for producing fuel.
Although this sounds perfect, it does have some drawbacks.
The system is so heavy that it's not efficient for cars, but it's perfect for trucks.
But they're not perfect and so distort the rays as they spread.
None were perfect for me, but they might work for you.
They were, in short, perfect materials for building and wiring the nano world.
Researchers are taking advantage of this perfect absorbance in highly sensitive imaging sensors and other prototype devices.
The company's goal is to use the perfect mirror as cladding for an optical fiber.
The user can click on a nearly right image and ask to see similar pictures, repeating the process until the perfect image appears.
Storing medical information on a card is a perfect complement to storing the information in the cloud.
Perfect shaping of an object with edges and corners is unlikely.
One reader took exception to my choice of the perfect cartoon.
The perfect end-of-year post would be a final installment about the perfect cartoon.
He needed things to be perfect, and it took time to figure out what perfect was.
Max knew that a bunk bed was the perfect structure to use when building an indoor fort.
It was the perfect frame for a show that made the unwatchable watchable.
But should it happen, you now can give the perfect wedding present: divorce insurance.

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