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Biotechnologists are converting annual crops into perennial ones, eliminating the need for yearly planting.
The word is a perennial issue in English usage.
The debate is as fierce and perennial as the surf pounding the Alaska coastline.
With perennial weeds, seeds aren't the only problem, since they produce fewer of them.
The steppe landscape is almost completely dominated by perennial grasses and patches of dwarf sagebrush.
Other perennial best sellers have a reputation for being the right gift for the right occasion.
The positions and perspectives expressed here are all familiar and perennial.
The perennial pepperweed is an attractive plant with dainty white flowers.
Financing remains a perennial problem.
These are perennial movements and resettlement processes in the country that are adding to poverty level.
In a similar vein, the perennial post-Christmas diet and exercise binge might actually be a form of green resolution.
It is at once a consequence and an indication of his perennial existence.
But there is one theme which, change as life's seasons may, remains for him a perennial source of perfect song.
Glover and his team of researchers believe they have the solution to a silent but looming catastrophe-perennial grains.
Perennial plants come back year after year, while annual plants last only one growing season.
Democracy is a perennial experiment, and this is not the first time its outcome has been in doubt.
But that relatively modest underpayment pales beside the perennial exploitation of adjunct faculty members.
Folks who feel a need to take ownership of their computer are a perennial problem.
Hardly comparable to the sort of perennial technological paradise we're living in today.
In my line of work, an effective brain-computer interface is a perennial vision.
For now, the auto industry is still content to fill showrooms with perennial gas hogs.
For those perennial toughies, there's always the dictionary.
The perennial concern about the rise of robots has been how to keep them from, well, killing us.
It might even be possible, she adds, to breed a perennial corn.
During a perennial winter of a few years, he found, surface waters lose considerable heat.
He also notes that the foundation of common unity can be traced back to the perennial philosophy.
Another in a long line of great summer drinks from one of our perennial summer drinks pieces.
The perennial complaints about poor flavor have never changed.
Such last-minute measures have become a perennial problem as lawmakers fight over which tax programs to extend.
Our perennial, mind-numbing debate over obscenity is upon us again.
These perennial grains are not mere specialty crops, nor are they to be grown in monocultures.
And there's the perennial problem of who determines what virtues are important.
It's also important to find out how wide and high a perennial will ultimately grow.
Purple-flowered perennial is great in low-water landscapes.
Though some out-of-zone nurseries offer this as an annual, it's a perennial shrub.
Leaves of this shrubby perennial are flavorful and aromatic.
Even those that celebrate the giants of the past convey a perennial vitality.
It is the perennial new idea that will revolutionize transportation.
Crime is another topic of perennial interest to voters.
But many doubt if it can cure the perennial ills of corruption, bad bureaucracy and poor public services.
Or perhaps political instability, a perennial wild card, will resurface and skew the economics of the industry once again.
The perennial plants have kidney bean-shaped leaves with scalloped leaf margins and small purplish blue flowers.
Countless stories detail rapid deforestation, perennial fires and illegal logging.
Geopolitically, it is a perennial potential flash point.
His actions give catharsis to perennial adult frustration with teenagers.
There are the perennial charges of bias, which grow louder the more bitterly split the electorate gets.
The perennial or intermittent status of a stream has bearing on many regulatory requirements.
Beach pea is a sprawling perennial vine that grows in beach and dune environments.

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