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The other reason is that a commandment is a stern, peremptory injunction.
During jury selection, prosecutors used all six of their peremptory strikes to eliminate men from the pool.
Orders from the explorers tended to be terse and peremptory.
At the first sound of her peremptory voice and clickety stiletto heels, people dart behind doors and douse the lights.
Both, in their wildly different ways, were peremptory.
However, in civil cases, in addition to challenge for cause each side is given six peremptory challenges.
He quickly alienated the musicians with his peremptory decision-making.
Moreover, the refusal was peremptory, and there was no reason for delay unless the demand was a mere idle threat.
Be it as the peremptory editorial powers require.
It is a peremptory rule with them, that they never go out of their road.
At this peremptory summons, everyone races back into the living room, where a curious tableau awaits.
Our reasons for issuing this peremptory writ are set out below.
The writ of mandamus may be either alternative or peremptory.
These peremptory challenges give both sides some choice in the make-up of the jury.
Peremptory challenges will be directed only to the prospective jurors seated in the jury box.
Each time a strike was exercised, the next lowest-numbered juror joined the twelve potential jurors subject to peremptory strikes.
The peremptory challenges wreak carnage on the jury pool.

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Whensoever any affliction assails me, me thinks I have the keyes of my prison in mine owne hand, and no remedy presents ... more
Whensoever any affliction assails me, mee thinks I have the keyes of my prison in mine owne hand, and no remedy presents... more
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