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Each side in a trial has the right to peremptorily reject a given number of potential jurors without stating a reason.
He peremptorily announces what he means by his words.
The state, on the trial of any criminal prosecution, may challenge peremptorily the same number of jurors as the accused.
The defense and prosecution shall each be allowed to peremptorily challenge twelve jurors.
The court then proceeded to inquire into the age of each of the white males who had been peremptorily challenged.
When court has discretion to sentence for life, accused may challenge fifteen jurors peremptorily.
In addition to challenges for cause provided by law, each party peremptorily may challenge three prospective jurors.
The defense and the prosecuting authority may peremptorily challenge three jurors each.
The number shocked him and he ruled peremptorily that the distribution should be substantially reduced.
In any case when the court directs the selection of alternate jurors, each party may peremptorily challenge four jurors.
Each party will peremptorily strike two of the other party's names.
These are two distinct claims, and yet in this damages instruction, you are peremptorily telling them what the damages are.
Police officials on occasion acted peremptorily or at the direction of senior politicians.
The juror has a right not to be struck peremptorily solely on the basis of race or gender.
From this panel, the defendant accused and the state shall each have the right to challenge three jurors peremptorily.
The general rule is that the right to challenge peremptorily is subject to reasonable regulation by the court.

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