perdition in a sentence

Example sentences for perdition

The road is not always a one-way trip to perdition.
Risking sin and perdition, we're rich.
Perfection was his perdition.
Piracy, poverty and perdition: Somalia takes our unwanted prize.
We still recommend perdition for you, for your bad manners.
And in immense perdition sinks the soul.
Pundits declared early this year that Greece was finished, a breath away from financial perdition and default.
This was the ''idealistic'' element in the poisonous fantasy: the threat of one's perdition, the promise of one's salvation.
Be thou ashamed therefore, slothful and discontented servant, for they are found readier unto perdition than thou unto life.
The saint was pierced with grief to see them thus give death to their own souls, and draw others into the same perdition.
Sing would be doomed to an eternal resting place in perdition.

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