percussive in a sentence

Example sentences for percussive

Press a button and the icons begin to throb to a chorus of percussive pops keyed to real data about eruption types and magnitudes.
There are dozens of presets to play with, from percussive sounds to soothing string sounds to ominous drones.
Admire the immensely powerful falls, amid the blast and spray and percussive, gut-thumping crash of exploding white water.
The enormous telescreen flashed into life, accompanied by the percussive sounds of a-tonal music, dark and brooding.
Cymbals track to the color notes already handled by drum pads, but add to the percussive realism.
He opened with highly composed music with sparse notes, then transitioned into more percussive, spastic improvisations.
But she had a lusciously capable voice, a unique sense of melody, and a percussive style at the piano-her main accompaniment.
He had a heavy mustache and a pipe smoker's percussive cough.
He closed his eyes and began making a series of percussive noises with his mouth.
But its common denominator remained a driving percussive dance rhythm.
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