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Example sentences for percussion

Brown decided to string together songs and percussion so that the dance beat never stopped.
In the background is the incongruous yet constant beat of a percussion section on the building's roof.
And the vinyl's grooves poured out soulful singers, playful highlife guitarists, and tasty local percussion.
Rhythmic percussion and dance probably are earlier examples of social bonding than language.
It is played with some regularity by more ambitious percussion ensembles, and several recordings of it are available.
It leads a triple life, at once a harmony instrument, a melody instrument and a percussion instrument.
Sudden bursts of percussion explode within calmer textures.
He taught music theory and electronic music and wrote for orchestras and small ensembles, including percussion quartets.
It builds an exciting catchy, danceable sound around two trombones and percussion.
It called for mechanically synchronizing sixteen player pianos, as well as xylophones and percussion.
He first made his name as a composer for percussion.
The knife sharpener provides percussion-a steady click-clack of metal plates.
The percussion also served to muffle the footsteps of her husband.
For centuries, farmers in the north have practiced wind-and-percussion ensembles.
Birds not only create vocal sound, they point out, some also add a percussion instrument to their songs.
Singers are typically accompanied by small ensembles of mixed instruments that always include percussion.
The country's folk music usually includes chanting, singing and bodily percussion, such as stamping of the feet and clapping.
For instance, the guiro percussion instrument is a gourd played in many popular genres.
The gamelan is a large collection of percussion instruments played as an ensemble.
Steel pans, also called steel drums, came to be by using nontraditional objects for percussion instruments.
They dress in traditional costumes and play a variety of percussion instruments and plucked strings.
Different colors represent different instruments' melodic riffs or percussion beats, and the stylus can change tempo.
Woodwinds murmur and percussion rattles portentously as the sun inches over the horizon.
At a signal, they threw percussion grenades and nabbed the leaders of the riot.
The percussion system of priming was more reliable and easier to clean and to use.
Chemical initiators for cartridges are percussion-sensitive compounds or mixtures of materials.

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