percolate in a sentence

Example sentences for percolate

The news of this progress will percolate into the department as a whole.
The challenge is to sustain and percolate the impetus.
In other words, read the book and let the advice percolate.
Now efforts to promote iced coffee consumption at home are beginning to percolate.
His response was that on margin no, it would be better to leave it, and let the news percolate on its own.
In big companies, decisions generally percolate up from the middle or even the bottom rather than being handed down from the top.
The cracks in the seafloor allow water to percolate through the ocean crust where it is heated by nearby chambers of magma.
Trump's name began to percolate in the news media as a presidential hopeful.
We no longer boil grounds campfire style or percolate them genteel style in the pot.
But the idea has yet to percolate down into undergraduate programs, though the advantages would be even more pronounced.
Still, there are signs that the movement will continue to percolate.
Brown was ineligible for a stay, but legal questions and challenges continued to percolate.
Success took a while to percolate through the system.
Part of the reason is that scientific work takes a long time to percolate to auto showrooms.
They were forced sufficiently close to the surface that groundwater could percolate through fractures.
Oh, and it takes thousands of years for water to percolate down to some of those aquifers.
Finally, the ones who obsess over their grade are too distracted to allow all their ideas to percolate and synthesize.
But in the last five years, the field of lupus investigation has started to percolate.
There are many places where oil and gas naturally percolate to the surface.
But a fuller understanding of the science is beginning to percolate into society.
Second, the long string gives gas more time to percolate into the well.
Ominous sounds percolate amid a foreboding swirl of nighttime snow.
As thousands of users tag photographs and web pages, information begins to percolate in new ways.
There, snow and rain slowly percolate through layers of permeable rock riddled with cracks.
Pour clean water slowly through one of the pots and watch it percolate through the bottom of the pot.
Permeable paving allows rainwater to percolate through the paving and into the ground before it runs off.
We can heat rainwater simply by letting it percolate downward to the desired depth and temperature.
Wetland waters also percolate into the ground to recharge underground waters.
The more shallow the burial, the less concentration of moisture that can percolate to groundwater.
Rainfall and snowmelt cannot percolate or drain off.
The filter consists of high surface area media situated over a reservoir into which the percolate drains.
Water will continue to percolate downward until it reaches the water table, below which all pore space is occupied by water.
Rain and snowmelt percolate into the ground and are heated to near boiling by heat rising from the magma chamber.
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