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Example sentences for perch

Now you can perch those high-end headphones onto a curved plywood stand.
Most birds declined to touch the new object, but some curious birds did flit to the nearby perch for a closer look.
Haynes climbed the spinning, rocking structure to a perilous and precarious perch high on the scaffolding.
Song: a high-pitched, wiry to lisping squeaky warble from perch, often prolonged and repeated with pulsating succession.
The fish populations of northern pike, yellow perch and walleye are usually high.
Current reality does appear to perch humans atop a planetary food chain.
They perch on the surfaces of ponds and slow streams as if on solid ground.
To forage, it flies off of a perch and grabs insects off of the ground, then flies back to its perch again.
Standing on the perch of mastery, it's easy to look back and say what the straight path to expertise is.
Skip the snow cave, and check into a stylish winter perch.
We had set up here to catch yellow perch and northern pike.
More than one of the pioneers used his perch as a steppingstone to the other side of the screen.
Possibly, if smokers were also knocked off their comfortable perch within popular culture.
It does so by flying perch to perch for short distances.
Your average grill is a pain to lug up to the rooftop, schlep to a park, or perch on a fire escape.
He did not leave us a present today and he can now look at the dog directly from his perch.
But there is no perch more perilous than the top one, especially when a hurricane hits.
Its main sensor sits on a perch atop the vehicle and resembles a silver coffee can with a mirror.
The mantel is a natural spot for owls of all sizes to perch among manzanita branches.
Local residents of the area were amazed to be catching rock-fish, croaker, white perch and spot.
They can perch on the ledges of the raised water features or on the nearby red banco.
It's all overseen by the crew chief, who watches from a perch above the pit box.
Prey is caught either while in continuous flight or more commonly from an exposed perch where the bee-eater watches for prey.
Sip soup by the light of an oil lamp from a perch next to wraparound windows.
Derrick uses the caps so he can perch smaller lenses atop a zoom lying flat in his bag.
But then the remote goes back to its perch on the coffee table for the adult to command.
These manned subs show you all the marine life down under from a perch that's on top of the line.
In motocross, one tip-over can end an otherwise fine race by snapping a brake or clutch lever clean off its perch.
He needs no approving audience and can project his voice without resorting to a singing perch in the treetop.
Family members often perch together, and pairs engage in courtship feeding.
Their intended prey: insects that perch on overhanging mangrove branches.
The two cubs peered down nervously from their perch.
Creative-writing programs can give translators themselves an academic perch.
They aren't wide, but if you're nimble, you can perch there to get above the crowd.
The supposed aboriginal stocks must all have been rock pigeons, that is, they did not breed or willingly perch on trees.
Or, more rarely, he would watch the writing from a perch on my shoulder.
To sit gracefully one should not perch stiffly on the edge of a straight chair, nor sprawl at length in an easy one.
Both salmon and perch are in season now, and you don't need a permit.
Closer to my lofty perch, a bald eagle plunges toward unseen prey in the lake's blue waters.
In the memoir, he appeared as a fully formed editorial big shot, albeit one who was cruelly and unfairly knocked off his perch.
The narrator's life is suffused with the fear that his father will fall from his precarious perch of respectability.
Gulls and pelicans perch on every available inch of rigging, wearing expectant looks.
Perhaps it would be best to see that they have the cushiest perch instead, to soften them up.
If it hadn't been nailed to its perch it would be pushing up the daisies.
The panther falls, but only as far as his initial perch.
In his new perch, perhaps he'll find a new way to share his reporting and insights.
Comfortable it may be, but its occupants have also found it to be an insecure perch.
In grocery shops boys perch precariously on ladders to fetch jars from remote crannies.
The pike-perch did not fare as well-though beautifully presented, it tasted bland in comparison.
From my perch in the backseat, it doesn't sound exciting at all.
He also fitted it with a portable wooden camera perch.
The birds perch, watch, and then swoop to the ground to pounce on their prey.
It hunts insects, small mammals, and reptiles from a perch or on the wing.
From the baboons' perch atop the hill, there is no place to go but down.
For perch, a light tackle set up with tip-ups and jig sticks are effective in catching strikes, especially for yellow perch.
The lake also harbors substantial populations of perch, sunfish, crappie and catfish.
Ice fishing is popular in winter, especially for perch.
He travels under cover of night, moving from perch to perch.
Fisherman enjoy the abundance of yellow perch, bluegill and pan fish.
The backwaters freeze first and provide some great sunfish and perch action.
Fishermen enjoy fishing for pike, yellow perch and crappie throughout the year.
Dazzled by the chic, they perch themselves near the heavily guarded white tents where designers unveil their seasonal collections.
The index is not likely to return to its previous lofty perch anytime soon.
He would perch at the top, look at the stars and wonder where he was headed.
Some report that none of the perch fall into slot size restrictions.
Trout-perches have characteristics of both the trout and perch families.
Some decent catches of crappie and perch have still been occurring around the area.
Anglers getting out in boats on the north end are getting some yellow perch.

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