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Or the psychological effects of living, thinking, and perceiving in three-second intervals.
As long as the creatures doing the perceiving are in that reality, the units have to be imperceptibly small.
It was as if he treasured the empty vessel of our friendship without perceiving that the last drop of its essence had gone dry.
It's an opportunity to try to understand what customers are experiencing, thinking and perceiving.
He lashes out in anger, perceiving that he has been abandoned.
Open your mind to new ways of perceiving and processing.
Prices may fall further as younger people, perceiving a downturn, delay purchasing.
And corruption is still rife, with the public perceiving little official effort to combat it.
It might have some positive impact on the society, but overall religion is messed up way of perceiving the world.
In it he exists solely as a perceiving, suffering, struggling being.
Opioids work by binding to parts of nerves responsible for perceiving and transmitting pain.
Blue finally kills him, perceiving that he has failed as badly in acting as he had failed earlier in not acting.
And the workers, perceiving its excellence, voted to let it through.
Although its not really synesthesia, it is still a different way of perceiving things that don't usually have those qualities.
Perceiving pain in others typically involves two steps.
Where time is irrelevant to our means of perceiving it.
When threatened, or perceiving to be threatened, animals become insecure.
Perceiving the supernatural isn't magic, but something patently organic: a function of the brain.
Keeping track of time is essential for perceiving what's happening around us and responding to it.
Professionals were little better at perceiving the truth than the ordinary joes.
Instead of perceiving a house-cow mixture, people perceive only one of them.
SM failed to show any sign of perceiving face space, while the six people born face-blind showed normal face space effects.
Within seconds of perceiving a threat, the primitive amygdala sounds a general alarm.
Then watching her foot and consciously perceiving the foot rotating the opposite direction.
If you would grow poor without perceiving it employ workmen and go to sleep.
Perceiving his end to draw near, he entreated two bishops to come to see him.
But perceiving that he sunk not at all, he began to fear he should lose the crown of martyrdom.
Now, this idea of substance marks the difference between having sensations and perceiving things.
Such an impulse to imitate certainly arises on perceiving a movement.
And there is a joy in perceiving the representative or symbolic character of a fact, which no bare fact or event can ever give.
But immediately perceiving that he had discovered his vision, he besought them not to disclose it to any one.
Perceiving an increased presence at school of firearms and other weapons related to gang activity.

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