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Self-identity is one thing and then a perceived identity is another.
Minor defeats on that map are actually perceived as minor victories.
It is a marketing fact that mediocre products are perceived to be more valuable if they are overpriced.
There was a perceived “difference” from one side of town to another, amazingly so.
It's easy to vilify people who are perceived as being different.
Deindustrialisation is often perceived as evidence of economic decline.
What we see and what is perceived can differ.
The fossils are modest -- just three teeth -- but they have the potential to change perceived wisdom about human evolution.
Reality: Even if unintended by the sender, certain comments or idle remarks can be perceived as threats or harassment.
Now he is increasingly perceived as a liability.
We document two important changes in the perceived policy rule over time.
Most animals can tell how fast the electric field in a light wave is oscillating, which is perceived as color.
Stories about the skulls focus heavily on their perceived supernatural powers.
It was an amazing display of bravado from a species not generally perceived as being fierce.
Environmentalists often risk being perceived as pessimists opposed to everything.
The room was impeccable without having reference to any authority that could be perceived as inhibiting.
We have to get out of the bubble and see how it is perceived by the rest of the world.
There were so many perceived threats that the agents often slept in their clothes and with their guns at their sides.
To exist is one thing, and to be perceived is another.
The two systems are at once perceived to be incongruous.
The mountain bandits perceived that they had overreached themselves.
All putrefaction contains in itself certain elements of a slight heat, though not so much as to be perceived by the touch.
But if a writer starts spotting such perceived blemishes in typeset pages, expensive corrections will need justification.
Be careful not to discuss departmental politics, your perceived inadequacies, or other inappropriate topics.
Yet the perceived benefits of attending college go well beyond dollars.
Such a plan must be perceived as a long-term strategy, not a short-term fix.
Any confidence you show will be perceived as arrogance and any deference will be seen as condescension.
The stock can be overpriced, or it might be the reflection of the perceived future growth of the company.
What matters is how he is perceived in the profession at large.
If you give people a situation in which lying is advantageous and the perceived risk of detection is low, they will lie.
Chronically late people aren't reacting to the subject matter or perceived utility of the meetings.
Students sometimes use perceived mismatches between the two as excuses for not having earned a good grade in a course.
Observers say one of the project's main risks is that it could be perceived as an effete, academic endeavor.
It is possible that an academic with my background is perceived as overqualified for a position at a community college.
The live chat is mildly interesting, but apparently is heavily moderated so that only questions perceived as good get through.
First, you need to understand that academic salaries vary widely based upon the perceived value of the disciplines.
These implements of warfare were developed to fill a perceived need or follow a specific doctrine.
And the heavier the accent, the less believable they were perceived to be.
There is no real distinction between that which is perceived during the day and that which is perceived at night.
The researchers showed that this fundamentally changed the way people perceived the physical world.
Contextual cues, such as the position of the face and the head, also influence the perceived direction of gaze.
When the fish were added one at a time, people perceived the evidence to be stronger.
Pertinent to point out the contributions of what is often perceived as an entirely failed venture.
Cooking has to be learnt thoroughly and by this learning the relationship between things can be perceived.
The angle you have to the photograph will change the perceived angles in the photograph.
The point is, it doesn't matter how you identify yourself, you will be branded as you are perceived.
On a side note, several commentators mentioned the perceived panacea of electric cars.
The perceived flicker is not the actual optical frequency.
In some sense, a word is a symbol of an idea which is a symbol of some perceived reality.
Unhappy males tend to physically respond with violent attacks directed against perceived antagonists.
Perhaps the question of galactic rotation and the perceived requirement for galactic dark matter should be revisited.
In your perceived moral superiority, you feel endowed to call for the use of violence against those you disagree with.
The higher the perceived risk-and there's always some risk-the higher the interest rate the bond must carry.
If nothing happened, they'd had a rehearsal for a perceived larger threat.
What makes these images useful is that they can't be perceived using bottom-up sensory processes.
He mercilessly rooted out perceived enemies of the state in what amounted to a crusade against science.
In the short term, this strategy helps conservationists by intensifying the perceived threat of extinction.
At first, an image was made visible for too short a time to be perceived.
Burning churches, and the perceived danger of worsening violence, will unnerve foreign investors and tourists.
The ministerial group was convened in response to popular anger at the perceived leniency of the sentences.
He wreaked havoc with his family and his two wives and no day went by without some outburst or perceived slight.
Paranoia is having an unreasonable fear or anxiety of a perceived grave threat.
And yet the perceived slight might have pleased him.
By making digital music purchases more accessible, it should raise their perceived value, leading to more sales.
Mayors have power because they are perceived to be powerful.
The commercial market for them is small due to their perceived use.
If you want to be perceived as environmental friendly you'll have to use diesel particulate filters.
Finally, this perceived annoyance of having too many avatars because there are so many worlds is also a bit of a geek affectation.
There are a host of reasons for what is the perceived weak finance market for clean energy.
We do need browsers that can give us perceived and accurate preferences without us really asking for it.
Money becomes the antidote to a perceived sense of insufficiency.
Bicycles and horse-drawn carriages create the perceived time warp because motorized vehicles are prohibited on the island.
It is often perceived as uptight and reactionary, mainly because its function is to uphold existing law.
The pattern is inescapable: she takes disagreements personally, and swiftly deals vengeance on enemies, real or perceived.
His blind spot may be his own perceived invulnerability, his faith in his ability to always manipulate opinion.
It ought to apply to any peer group perceived by strangers.
But few of them perceived the depth and consequences of national humiliation.
In the realm of psychology a complex is an overreaction to some perceived threat.
He begat the project but was then shut out for being a perceived security risk.
Some perceived limits to our material world may not be limits at all.
ID is an outgrowth of a desire to undermine evolutionary science, which is perceived to be a threat to their religious worldview.
It is widely perceived that the problem of uncivil conduct online has reached epidemic proportions.
It seems that the perceived colour has to be somewhat subjective.
And keep feeding the idea of perceived superiority of the cork-sniffing crowd.
We are not going to get radical change unless there is a publicly perceived need for it.
If the adjustments are to counter the effect of a perceived feedback mechanism, then lets have a paper on that and chew on it.
And now in the digital age of publishing, the camera is perceived by some as a violation of privacy and even a potential threat.
One recourse to this perceived spiritual vacuum has been that people are getting more and more interested in religion.
It was said in a rhythmic, calm voice, urging us to push beyond the perceived world.
By pouring onto the streets, many thousands of people rejected what they perceived as alien and aggressive transplants.
Attractive supervisors are perceived as more credible and more persuasive.
They worry about losing control of their clients or being perceived as pushing services.
They're perceived as more desirable by potential partners and earn more money than their shorter peers.
If he feared that he's seen as stiff and sardonic, still perceived.
In any other context, a clenched fist would be perceived as hostile.
It's about how a country is perceived, what it stands for.
Several listings have come from the cash-strapped real estate and infrastructure sectors, and were perceived as overpriced.
Perceived caste transgressions are severely punished.

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