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We must also look in the mirror and try to understand how our partners perceive us.
Understand how they perceive you.
Britain has tended to perceive it as a problem.
Victor is free to perceive it in anyway he wishes.
Yet the mind perceives time as an irreversible stream, moving from past to future, experienced in the present.
Helen could only perceive so long as Anne was her companion.
You see the good as normal and perceive the bad as a minor aberration.
They create a structure too vast for any individual worker to perceive, and yet the whole thing fits together.
They believe they can account not only for the source of smiles, but how people perceive them.
We perceive what we are looking for.
For example, we don't perceive circumstances objectively.
Instead, it's a comprehensive experiential mode that lets you perceive and do things firsthand.
When people in democracies perceive their society to be fractured or directionless, they frequently want a charismatic leader.
The picture gets more complicated when it comes to what professors do, rather than only perceive.
But don't be surprised if people are reluctant to leap into what they perceive as a personal fight in which they have no stake.
Ideology doesn't work that way, and its effects can't be measured by asking people whether they perceive it.
Students cheat b/c they can and they perceive benefit if they get away with it.
Obviously, you perceive that their nefarious plans threaten your livelihood.
He must perceive that everything is miraculous and divine.
She could only dimly perceive that he had more traditions than she supposed.
While you may believe you're a diligent worker and deserve to be rewarded, others may not perceive you the same way.
The flip side was a fiery temper, and a tendency to perceive slights around every corner.
Groups of different internal structures will fall apart in different ways, and so will perceive different kinds of risk.
My neighbor can have a horrible job and no family and perceive a bad quality of life.
She goes around the world to show how different people perceive beauty.
When only red light is available the spiders can still see but perceive objects as being closer than they really are.
Not to mention being able to stretch my mind and perception to be able to create and perceive such situations.
People buy processed vegetables not only because they're relatively cheap but also because they perceive them as good value.
Investors perceive developing countries to have much better growth prospects than those in the developed world.
But other officials are reluctant to tamper with a peg that they perceive to be working well.
Manufacturers could create their own sounds according to how they perceive their models.
One is that people employ it to mask body odours that they perceive as bad.
The better a company's performance, the more inclined its stakeholders are to perceive its boss as charismatic.
They see ways to do things that ordinary people do not perceive.
Tibetans don't feel represented by this government they perceive as foreign and arrogantly condescending.
The people who complain about unfairness are those who perceive they are at a disadvantage.
The point, rather, is that to perceive ridiculousness in any of these religions is to perceive ridiculousness in them all.
They cannot perceive the color red, but they can see ultraviolet light.
But if they were fur covered a human would perceive them as some sort of ape.
More people must read this and perceive this side of the story.
They are attempting to stamp out what they perceive to be competing beliefs.
People can learn to change the manner in which they perceive, and what follows is some level of improvement or positive change.
We only perceive that upon which our attention is focussed.
In an effort to make sense of the repeated gibberish our brains actually perceive real words or phrases.
Now researchers find that blind people perceive touch faster than do those with sight.
Because they fall outside the visible spectrum, the human eye cannot perceive them.
Taking music lessons can hone our ability to perceive the melody of words and the emotions that conveys.
In humans, this refers to the well known tendency to perceive threat or anticipate negative outcomes when anxious or depressed.
We can no more perceive our physical reality than a fish can until it is taken out of its watery environment.
Our inch-worm senses, craning our necks for birds, cannot perceive the stars guiding our destiny.
If there is no one there to perceive the consciousness moving then time is non existent therefore cannot move in any direction.
Interesting as to how many people believe they can speak for others as to how they will feel or perceive this experiment.
Only the criterion of novelty is able to perceive a difference between scientific hypothesis and pseudoscientific once.
These voters may use trial and error based on how they perceive past politicians and policies.
There's more to gaining an understanding of how different animals perceive the world, but that's a start.
If you perceive there is an injustice, act as if there is none.
He's a synesthete--one of a small group of otherwise ordinary citizens who perceive the world in extraordinary ways.
Long-term interest rates are notching higher, a clear sign that some perceive the investment climate as riskier.
They will if they perceive that the police and government authorities have failed to protect them.

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