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When you invoke a miracle that is in any affects the perceivable world it is open to scientific scrutiny, period.
He did not say anything rude, did not do anything perceivable.
Time is a dimension, to which there is a higher dimension not perceivable.
Purely abstract beings are perceivable in the same manner, or are only conceivable by the help of language.
Performances that were by no means a stretch or nuanced in any perceivable way but in fact an in-the-shower-performance.
Action and will are two faces of essentially the same phenomenon, and in our philosophy action is its perceivable part.
The authors only could establish the light-microscopic perceivable histologic changes in the spleen.
Differences in the time period from spore culture to sporophyte development were perceivable between species.
The leaf blade has perceivable to invisible transverse pigmented striations.
Provide a distinctive and perceivable alarm system for emergency action or safe evacuation.

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