pepperoni in a sentence

Example sentences for pepperoni

She had a stomachache, and asked to have some pepperoni to soothe it.
Choose from a farmer's salad, farmer's cheese board or a smoke and cure board with handcrafted pepperoni and sausage.
Kids can choose from some of the plainer pies on offer, such as the cheese, ham or pepperoni pizzas.
Will you find it useful the next time you and four friends sit down with a large pepperoni.
The pizza-delivery guy who shows up with two large pepperoni pies for the staff.
Can't expect the pizza delivery guy to zip over when you need a double-cheese with pepperoni.
Shelf stable fermented sausages, such as pepperoni and dry salami, do not have to be refrigerated or date marked.
The cheese section must be twice as large as the pepperoni section.
Place equal amounts of each of the toppings-pepperoni, mushrooms, and cheese-on each portion.
Instead of pepperoni, ask for mushrooms or broccoli.
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