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Example sentences for peppercorn

Scallops, supposedly with pink peppercorn, have all the kick of saltines.
Clem roasts garlic cloves, boils cardamom pods, and simmers the green-peppercorn-bourbon sauce for his steak dish.
There are five varieties of peppercorn, four types of cinnamon, and a wall full of curry seasonings.
Land levelling has already begun, and the peppercorn rents he is charging will help fund the requisite infrastructure.
It holds two smaller, porous bags that contain several peppercorn-sized pellets.
Hearty fare includes such offerings as jumbo lobster tail and peppercorn steak.
We have made wonderful smoked salty chocolate, salty caramel, and strawberry pink peppercorn sorbet.
Mussels swam in a thick brown peppercorn sauce that congealed after a few minutes on the table.
Tumors, it turns out, cannot grow much beyond the size of a peppercorn without an ever-expanding network of blood vessels.
The chef also prepares a tasty paella for two and tender grilled steaks, sometimes with a peppercorn sauce.
Main-course specialties include prawns seasoned with vanilla and jalapeño peppers or a five-peppercorn steak.

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