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Example sentences for penury

Graduate school penury in the Midwest was romantic by comparison.
Zafar died five years later in penury and exile.
The authors of the recent triumphs received their university training in the good old days of penury on private funds.
But in penury, arrogance and conceit may give way to humility, diplomacy and learning to be discreet.
Discontent has simmered, over corruption, economic penury and government thuggishness.
In their battle for power, these two parties have reduced their country to rubble and their countrymen to penury.
But this air of possibility amidst penury is in peril.
The story of Nauru's descent from prosperity to penury is one of the most cautionary tales of modern development.
Henceforth, though he never stood at the stake, he suffered the martyrdom of penury and distress.
Most of the remainder have been reduced to penury.
Aid workers say that in reality the nation has been driven deep into penury.
The surplus faded away and they were reduced to penury.

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