penmanship in a sentence

Example sentences for penmanship

Also, if making a hand-written entry, use good penmanship and write legibly.
Hey, considering it was a teacher's college, don't knock courses in standardized penmanship.
But we're not going to criticize the penmanship involved in writing with a jumbo jet.
Penmanship is taught and final drafts are written in the student's best penmanship.
Pupils practice penmanship and perform arithmetic problems using slates.
Great emphasis was placed on phonics and penmanship.
Molly practices her penmanship with her slate and slate pencil in the one-room schoolhouse.
But the computerized systems do more than eliminate poor penmanship.
Hugh mentioned that he mainly taught his students music and penmanship.
In language arts, his work was hampered by poor spelling and sloppy penmanship.
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