penitential in a sentence

Example sentences for penitential

And so the strict rule he imposed on himself was not a penitential act but a security measure.
She from that time led a penitential retired life, and dying fifteen years after, was buried near his relics.
The example of his conversion moved sixty gentlemen to devote themselves to an austere penitential life.
The penitential austerities which she practised, were such as seemed rather to suit a recluse than one who lived in a court.
In these dispositions he embraced the penitential and laborious state of a poor monk.
Pepita did not wish to retire to a convent, nor did she incline to a penitential life.

Famous quotes containing the word penitential

What calm catastrophe will yet assuage This final drouth of penitential tears?... more
Labor came to humanity with the fall from grace and was at best a penitential sacrifice enabling purity thr... more
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