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Just what might have been done by a penitent nation is not made clear.
There was a penitent nature to the soldier's words.
He visits her grave, penitent.
But the idea is not that a nation of penitents would make better fighters.
It is strange to think – but the original idea behind penitentiaries was for the prisoners to be penitent.
There may be much to be penitent about.
The penitent man shall pass.
It was a haven for the pious and tbe penitent.
The penitent asked him why he had so much spared his weakness.
The priest may not, even of his voluntary accord, testify as to what was said in the confessional booth by the penitent.
Years later it returns, penitent, wiser-but hungry once again for cheap loans.
But as he admitted later, in penitent memoirs and interviews, he had not understood the variables of war itself.
The image of filmmakers penitent is particularly congenial to her work.
Yet penitent sinners he received with inexpressible tenderness and charity.
They were mistaken, of course, and many a penitent true believer would lapse into morbid atonement.
The relationship may well be likened to that of the priest-penitent or the lawyer-client.

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