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Example sentences for penitence

He is one of several judges around the country who believe unusual sentences, usually some form of public penitence, work.
It's a rare feature since they can forgive faults and consider penitence.
There are criminals that deserve at least some form of penitence, but society must not make it too harsh.
There are many scenes of processions, self-flagellation and public penitence.
Versailles is not a place for penitence.
Before her act of forgiveness had to come signs of his penitence.
No penitence, only missiles, from both sides.
Genuine grief is like penitence, not clamorous, but subdued.
Nobody seems to have any confidence in their professed penitence.
The dancers both sank to the earth in penitence and whirled in exaltation.
She had coveted with earthly eyes, but now through penitence these are consumed with tears.
He was metaphorically on his knees in penitence, and confessed himself a miserable sinner in the loveliest manner possible.
The reformers hoped that criminals could redeem themselves through penitence and solitary reflection.
Tho remaining days before the season of penitence will bo crowded by many small affairs.

Famous quotes containing the word penitence

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