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In other words, he is trained only to see the skin of knowledge, without ever penetrating to the wisdom that lies beneath it.
Intelligence is penetrating the darkest corners of the globe.
His tenderness penetrating aether, soft prayer on the airwaves.
Nearly all her perceptions are tinged with penetrating sense of the contrasts in human vicissitude.
Apparently naive questions can often be the start of quite penetrating and profound explorations.
With no words and no art, without a penetrating and synthesizing process of thought, for me a butterfly would remain incomplete.
Penetrating the barrel would have required multiple hits on both sides of the barrel's wall.
These tiny structures create air pockets that help suspend liquids and prevent them from penetrating to the surface.
It can be used as a ground penetrating bunker buster.
And it is a reason for reading this penetrating, wide-ranging and unflinching biography.
Penetrating networks to damage them is not much harder.
The next step after penetrating networks to steal data is to disrupt or manipulate them.
Ground-penetrating radar later confirmed the first evidence of the village: a small house.
The vibrato from his violin feels as if it is penetrating my heart.
Their secret is a patented three-layer membrane that lets perspiration out for comfort but prevents all moisture from penetrating.
Driving off-road into its vastness is to experience that penetrating silence, whether it's for an hour or a night.
The lack of it prevented earlier explorers from penetrating this cañon.
Look for shafts of light penetrating the canopy or one spot on the forest floor directly lit by the sun.
Using ground-penetrating radar, they scanned the likeliest areas, turning up what appeared to be a vaulted underground crypt.
Head injuries are divided into two categories, penetrating and closed.
It was an impressive drop, free fall all the way with light rays penetrating down into the gloom.
Algal blooms prevent light from penetrating the water's surface.
Traumatic brain injuries fall into two basic categories: penetrating and closed.
It is made from the dried stigma of the purple crocus flower and has a penetrating aroma and pungent taste.
Yet those same bleared optics had a strange, penetrating power, when it was their owner's purpose to read the human soul.
His style wants the penetrating simplicity which is requisite to the highest effects in pathos.
It never breaks the skin, but patients can't tell the difference from a real, penetrating needle.
And they're not the result of objects penetrating or boring through the shell from outside, because no such marks have been found.
The potentially deadly effects of the influenza virus is due to this virus penetrating the host, such as a human being.
Once coupled, they scatter light much less frequently, so light was able to start penetrating further and further.
But penetrating rounds aren't the only potential threat to human health posed by depleted uranium.
In a large number of penetrating injuries from urban warfare, you're working in a pool of blood.
And personal defense weapons are supposed to be capable of penetrating some kinds of body armor.
It's another gentle abrasive, even better than hydrated silica at penetrating scratches in tooth enamel.
The software is penetrating realms that few thought it ever would.
And they wanted my far-seeing, penetrating, and all-knowing advice and counsel.
His sociological and psychological insight is penetrating, especially where the two categories overlap.
The only bright colors penetrating the gloom come from flashing neon signs.
Regis is best when penetrating, shedding quickly with strong hands and splitting a gap.
It offers some of the benefits of acupuncture without penetrating the skin.
Of these, only the muons have enough penetrating power to reach the ground unscathed.
The two believe that cosmic rays from deep space are penetrating the clouds and knocking loose electrons.
Because they were so good at penetrating cells, infectious agents seemed the ideal vehicles for delivering drugs.
Vintage is penetrating the racks in less obvious ways as well.
There is a great difference in the penetrating powers for alpha, beta, and gamma rays.

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