pendulous in a sentence

Example sentences for pendulous

Showy white flowers, hanging in pendulous clusters from the branches, emerge in early spring along with the leaves.
But upstairs in the courtrooms, beneath the pendulous chandeliers and the oil portraits of former jurists, a hush prevails.
White firs have low canopies and pendulous branches covered with blue-gray needles.
So named because of their large size and long pendulous noses on the males.
Pendulous fruit clusters persist until late winter, becoming more conspicuous after the leaves have fallen.
The many long, narrow leaves emerging from a tight tuft are pendulous, with the tips almost touching the ground.
If the malignancy is in the pendulous urethra and is superficial, the potential for cure is high.
The white-faced males are often seen at this time hovering in a pendulous, bobbing dance near nests, waiting for females.

Famous quotes containing the word pendulous

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