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Mini versions of the crystal light pendant hung on either side of a corner-mounted vanity and mirror.
Pendant can be worn with either side of the coin displayed.
Well the article described a pendant drop of fluid as the result of one experiment.
Choose from molecular earrings, a caffeine molecule necklace, or a circuit board pendant.
Pendant lights illuminate the work surface of the kitchen island and provide a dash of warm color.
Pressing the button on the half-dollar-sized pendant sets off intercoms to alert hospital police.
The asymmetrical placement of the mantelpiece and pendant lights balances the equally offset wall.
Neither the necklace nor the pendant are mentioned in the catalogue.
He remembered especially seeing pelicans, with their preposterous, pendant throats.
The curvilinear shape of the pendant light echoes the sink's own subtle modulations.
Last month, they switched to a smaller projector and created the pendant prototype to be worn around the neck.
It's even possible to set this stone as a cabochon into a ring or a pendant and still use it to detect the sun's position.
She was wearing a sleeveless red shirt and was accompanied by a thank-you note and a jade pendant, with no other belongings.
She liked necklaces made of turquoise, and long pendant earrings.
One afternoon he brought them each a necklace made of tiny brown cowries, with a star-shaped pendant of white shells.
One stunning pendant is composed of onyx and set with diamonds and white gold coral-shaped branches.
It comes with a funnel to put the ashes inside and glue to seal the pendant.
The deep purple egg charm of this pendant is adorned with crystals in the shape of hearts.
Sidewall type sprinkler has been installed in the pendant position.
All that can really be seen of the necklace is the pendant, bead or whatever else is dangling from the nearly invisible wire.

Famous quotes containing the word pendant

Phlébas, le Phénicien, pendant quinze jours noyé, Oubliait les cris des mouettes et la houle de Cornouai... more
The pleasure of leaving home, care-free, with no concern but to enjoy, has also as a pendant the pleasure o... more
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