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Interdisciplinary programs with an increasing penchant for making humanities more 'applicable' might favor someone like you.
Her penchant for low-tech solo travel hearkens to an earlier era of exploration.
Human cooperation may have evolved out of a penchant for frequent warfare.
Even as a girl, Ursula had a penchant for tidiness.
You play: A know-it-all with a head for numbers and a penchant for gambling.
Oswald was unpleasant as well as unusual, with a penchant for putting his trash in his neighbors' garbage cans.
It was not his brainstorm to create his show; had it been, he might well have canceled it given his penchant for self-criticism.
Tunney also has a penchant for flipping restaurants nearly as quickly as he can flip a burger on a grill.
Mehta seems to have a penchant for appropriately timed publicity.
He also came from a downwardly mobile family and had a penchant for progressive political causes.
He was a professional writer, after all, with a talent for wit and a penchant for rhetoric.
It's therefore possible that animals with an increased penchant for endurance exercise may have beefed-up brains.
His penchant for openness, for saying what he felt, didn't click with the corporate ethos.
Despite his penchant for wearing masks, he was not afraid of physical contact with his admirers.
Whether you have a penchant for musicals, dramas or comedies, there is likely the perfect show for you.
They argue that mankind's prehistoric penchant for mammoth may have had a discernible effect on climate.
True, the mayoral race did have an air of familiarity, if only because it honoured the city's penchant for the bizarre.
Yet they also have a penchant for sports that promote superstars and breed controversy, both on and off the field.
They have long suffered from the state's penchant for corruption.
From the first, he exploited his boss's penchant for focusing on the big picture in order to control the details.
They continue to see her caution as wisdom, her penchant for splitting the difference as discernment.
The composite character is now not only a hapless manager, but also has a penchant for firing people.
Their common trait is a penchant for conjuring otherness out of the oddest things.
Although no particular viewpoint is espoused, a penchant for transformation generative grammar is apparent.
Because of his penchant for fee cutting he was unpopular in the architectural profession.
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