pelagic in a sentence

Example sentences for pelagic

And sharks that range across the open ocean, known as oceanic or pelagic sharks, have been an even bigger mystery.
But research had yet to probe the extent to which human-made noise might be affecting other pelagic species.
Model for the adaptive radiations and extinctions of pelagic marine mammals.
Pelagic species such as marlin, sailfish and sharks are drawn to the area to feed and mate.
The outer line of the reef offers the same, plus the opportunity to see big pelagic fish, such as mackerel and open-ocean sharks.
Pelagic treasures can be seen without even getting your hair wet.
Then point out to students that the top three zones together are called the pelagic zone, or open ocean.
Most of this food comes from the remains of plants and animals drifting down from upper pelagic zones.
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