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Teachers can continue to use the same handouts, too, which may be pegged to the particular calculator.
Since his work was pegged as off-beat, product design groups did not seek him out to make real prototypes.
Third comes the peso convertible, a piece of scrip with a value pegged to that of the dollar.
Instead of having to take politically risky votes on salary hikes, they pegged their pay to the city's cost of living.
Most economies pegged their exchange rates to gold under the system, which worked fairly well for two decades.
Their logic is that to attract talent into the public service, the pay has to be pegged to that of the private sector.
The economy is seriously overheating, but its currency is pegged to the euro, which means it cannot raise interest rates.
Some have currency boards, or pegged exchange rates.
Inflation expectations aren't pegged hopelessly at or below zero.
But once you are pegged as a comedian, you are going to be used as that.
For values beyond the maximum and minimum, the arrow will stay pegged at the maximum or minimum.
Early construction methods are evidenced by hand hewn logs notched and pegged together to form the framework.
Hand-hewn and pegged beams are part of the sturdy construction.

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