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Betty's bees are so laid back they didn't even seem to notice us peering in.
He is not a prophet in the sense of peering into a crystal ball.
She inspected us every day, scrutinizing our fingernails for dirt and peering in our ears for wax.
Peering into the truths of reality is of value and needs no further justification.
Nor is it ever unlatched to those who sit at the gate rattling at the bars, or plaintively peering in.
He came back, to find us peering hopelessly up into the tree top, trying to place where the other coatis were.
The inner door was thrown wide open and inquisitive faces were peering in at it.
The idea that the real crime was the peering into the cop's stall doesn't make sense.
She picked up the letter and held it inches from her nose, coughing and peering at me and looking back again at the letter.
Dozens of youths in the street combing their hair peering into gigantic foot square mirrors.
He's going to offer new approaches to peering into the future in news stories.
The room was so crowded with concerned observers that some people stood in the hall, peering in.
By peering deep into the early universe, astronomers have edged ever closer to an answer.
Whether peering into deep space or checking on human activity, spacecraft and satellites from days gone by are still on the job.
But without peering into these centers, researchers could not know for sure.
After peering at masticated morsels through a microscope for several days, thoughts of feeding take on a new depth.
Peering deep into the sea, scientists are finding creatures more mysterious than many could have imagined.
They also frolicked underwater to the delight of eager guests peering from the submarine portholes.
Live view lets you compose on-screen instead of peering through the viewfinder.
Carnival-watchers in the financial press are busy peering at masks, trying to discern who may be lining up against him.
And gathering such information means peering through the fog.
More were outside, smoking, and peering in through the window to see if their horse had come in.
Plywood on the windows, staff peering out through openings in the curtains hastily installed a few minutes ago.
On top of this, data published this week hardly suggested an economy peering into the abyss.
Promoting innovation by peering into the gloom ahead, rather than behind, has become a top priority for smarter manufacturers.
But those wise words won't stop any of us trying to read tea-leaves, or peering into the future.
After thirty years of peering at annual reports, he may feel that it is time to work on his art collection, or a second family.
The two were often seen walking the boundaries of prospective properties, peering into farm buildings and inspecting the policies.
Peering into the grey matter of the brain, you discover the same phenomenon at work.
Astronomers peering through giant new telescopes have journeyed back in time in search of the first galaxies.
The bear swings its head from side to side, peering into an eddy for salmon.
They spent the following day deafened by the din, peering through the smoke.
In the cold season researchers can walk across the frozen lakes, peering at bubbles trapped in the ice.
She sees a world that cannot see her, constantly peering out of a hole or into herself.
Then spend a moment or two peering lovingly into the mirror.
They wander nonchalantly back and forth along the bank, occasionally peering into the water to search for salmon.
So there is always this idea underwater of hunting and finding and looking and peering.
Hair caressing a pillow, fingers clutched in prayer, a peering eye.
Peering into a reproduction of an observation tube reveals footage of penguins diving below the ice.
And the observers crowding around, peering into the camera, turn each photograph into an event.
The people on the sidewalk kept peering up and around, wary of falling objects.
Peering out at the noise, he sees a funeral procession.
Club waiters cluster on the balconies above, peering down.
Peering into cells while they stay in the incubator has a number of benefits.
Obviously the picture was taken using a handheld camera peering through the eyepiece.
Peering into a microscope, she has filmed a single influenza virus infecting a cell.
In the first cruiser, sat a deputy peering through binoculars.
Peering out to the edge of the universe, astronomers catch glimpses of galaxies in the making.
They allow people peering outside to avoid bullets, radiation, and other line-of-sight hazards.
In this book he lays out the case, peering into the future to unveil a dramatic new mode of learning about the universe.
Then one day, peering through the microscope, he spotted tiny circular shapes.
Peering into a storefront, he was surprised to hear automobiles collide behind him.
Tree swallow peering from a nest cavity excavated by a woodpecker.
New tool for peering inside of a working nuclear reactor.
Anyone peering into parked cars may be looking for a car to steal or for valuables displayed inside.
In this simulation of the driver's viewpoint, the user appears to be peering over the steering wheel through the windshield.
You're peering into a secret world of power and money.
Players laid out on the ground with the training staff peering over them.
More commuters crowd the curb, peering up the street.

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