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They bring you a mirror and you peer and stare.
As the one being observed, you can receive some extremely valuable feedback from a peer.
Sighting movement, he began to peer through his scope.
These three phenomena are what provide the blur when earthbound astronomers attempt to peer at the stars with precision.
I've never given into peer pressure.
Ohio University has taken the unusual step of banning peer-to-peer software on its campus, a policy that took effect today.
There, Tao says, he finally found his peer group—people who loved math as much as he did.
Online peer-reviewed journals typically have faster turn-around times.
Wandering around the sprawling harvest market, I peer into tents filled with dates, peppers and pumpkins.
In following this peer-review process, such electronic journals hope to attain the same legitimacy granted to their print cousins.
There you will find peer reviewed scientific articles published about the studies people are doing.
Peer review, the mainstream media, and government agencies have landed us in a ditch.
As a general rule, all applicants are expected to have published a minimum of three articles in peer-reviewed scientific journals.
The team plans to publish preliminary results in a peer-reviewed journal early next year.
Admire the view from the reflecting pond, and peer into the colorful waters of the basin.
In places, you can peer right into the gap between the plates.
Follow the arc of that horseshoe and the cliffs peer over you all the way, forbidding and beckoning at once.
And therein lies the problem, for all were published in well-respected peer-reviewed journals.
Peer through the letterbox, and in the gloom you see a calendar pinned to the wall.
Laboratory scientists peer into microscopes to observe the behaviour of bugs.
The study was peer reviewed, but was never replicated.
Added to the peer pressure to do more is the risk of a much stronger euro.
Science has also evolved in this way, using individual contributions subject to peer review.
Some worry about the unfair advantage and peer pressure that comes from these drugs.
For one thing, vendors have yet to discover the virtues of independent peer review.
Instead, they will be able to peer directly into the brain to predict behaviour.
To make a call on the existence of a parallel universe requires scientific evidence and a peer review of that evidence.
Results are vetted at professional conferences and in peer-reviewed journals.
Each year hundreds of peer-reviewed scientific articles are retracted.
It does no research of it's own nor conducts any peer reviews.
Furthermore, chat rooms may exert peer pressure or reinforce ones' resolve to commit suicide, the authors wrote.
The investigators say drugs and tanning lamps might hook you through similar means, including peer pressure.
Perhaps you need to have your stories peer-reviewed in the future.
Heat-seeking missiles use these systems for targeting, and astronomers employ them to peer into the dusty hearts of galaxies.
Peer-to-peer renting-and similar services-has boomed in the past few years.
But it's a mistake to equate peer production with anticapitalism.
Music and movie pirates may not be the only ones trolling peer-to-peer networks for booty.
Three things make this peer-to-peer structure so interesting.
If only it was this easy to spot and disprove bogus claims in peer-reviewed scientific literature.
He sees the power of this impulse less as peer pressure and more as peer information.
Almost none of it has been published in peer-reviewed professional journals.
If your peer group accepts bad short-term decisions, you will often make bad short term decisions.
Technologies that start out as peer-to-peer and citizen-driven can be and have been taken over by corporate and state power.
Put in an accountability system tied to progress of students and peer evaluation.
Obviously, they don't carry the same prestige as the peer-reviewed journals that have print copies.
Likewise, negative student and peer evaluations of his teaching were met with scorn or silence.
Of course, it counted as a peer-reviewed publication-the coin of the realm for academic production.
Peer-to-peer contact and collaboration is essential in online learning environments.
When a journal first sends a manuscript to peer-review, they usually send a notification e-mail.
And some have the resources, from genes or parents, to resist peer pressure.
New technologies both on the ground and in space have revolutionized our ability to peer into the heavens.
Peer-matching in the city could be a first step toward breaking down the dependence of citizens on bureaucratic civic services.
Much of it has never been published in leading peer-reviewed journals.
Many travelers live by the peer advice they receive on these sites.
She was my peer group, and she was hitting notes all over the place.
Patients peer from rooms with giant doorknobs looming large in the foreground.
Now the iPod dock, a technological subspecies, has caved to peer pressure and added a streaming-media function of its own.
The first drug targeting telomeres, now sold as a nutritional supplement, will soon face the harsh light of peer review.
Where good is probably defined as peer reviewed and not scoffed at when considered for jobs.
Along the way, he is raising a big red flag to those who want to use brain scans to peer into the heads of suspected criminals.
So, the peer review process is flawed, but no-one has yet thought up a better way to do it.
But, a full peer-reviewed paper has yet to be published on this patentable treatment.
But there are tons and tons of verifiable evidence put forth in peer reviewed journals to back up evolution.
On a good note, perhaps this will call attention to the fact that peer-review needs to be improved.
Citations, please, preferably in the peer reviewed literature.
Imagine an astronaut in a spaceship with no windows, and no other way to peer at the outside world.
Instead of an awkward peer-pressure moment, it becomes a humorous opportunity for subtle allusions to red buttons.
Let's peer into fossilised or mummified stool samples left behind by our ancestors.
To my surprise, some of the peer commentaries were dismissive of the idea that cooked food provides more energy than raw.
Researchers develop a better way to write applications for peer-to peer cellular networks.
One common technique is to combine the malware with a video and offer it for download on a peer-to-peer file sharing site.
Instead, the company uses peer-to-peer sharing algorithms to distribute data across a user's devices.
Learn the facts on peer pressure and how to recognize it.

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