pediatrician in a sentence

Example sentences for pediatrician

Their suggestions were based on the stereotype of the local pediatrician driving to the country club in his.
They should take this article to their pediatrician and dentist.
Our pediatrician said it was either allergies, asthma, or an enlarged adenoid gland.
It also says to talk to your pediatrician the point of the headline is that there is a right way to swaddle.
As another poster stated, the pediatrician mentioned that he nurses for comfort rather than nutrition.
She could have skipped the emergency room and simply seen a family pediatrician.
On her third trip to the pediatrician, the doctor told the family to take her to the emergency room.
If severe, see a pediatrician for treatment of possible secondary infection.
If this is a concern, discuss food allergies with your pediatrician.

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Particularly in the early years of the child's development, parents may get different opinions from professionals who vi... more
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