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We did everything ourselves, from stapling the pages together to peddling them to bookshops.
Health experts regularly lambast them for peddling food that makes people fat.
Most big media outlets have murky ownership, leaving their journalists vulnerable to outside pressure and influence-peddling.
With drug-peddling margins so tight, the gangs are looking to other revenue sources.
The garrisons persist, but the gangs have turned to peddling drugs.
Food companies peddling fattening grub are suffering.
And there are plenty of examples of right-wingers peddling nutty tales.
He made a fortune out of a combination of property development and influence-peddling.
In the meantime, tobacco-peddling continues to be a money-spinner.
Many dealers are unwilling to risk large sums of money when so many people are now peddling fake beans.
Everybody's afraid of the government, and there's no need to soft peddling it, it's the truth.
Vendors line the perimeter peddling everything from crepes to burgers, smoothies to beer.
But the team's specialty is peddling emerging companies made up of little more than a collection of engineers.
For starters, tech companies are peddling their wares at much lower prices.
One of them is selling pictures of adorable kittens tangled up in yarn, and another is peddling used books.
After all, they may honestly be peddling quack medicine.
More bald-faced lie peddling, as is the remainder of that commentary.
And leave us skeptics of your peddling right wing bunk alone.
Quacks peddling useless and often dangerous treatments.
The military has been tightening the screws of censorship while peddling a brew of lies, delusion, paranoia and justification.
Fortunately, in the past few years her peddling sales have increased.
In light of that information his cases of putative influence-peddling look strikingly anomalous.
Once you have some experience under your belt, peddling your planning expertise to high-end clients can up your salary quickly.
Peddling and soliciting is prohibited in parks except by special written permit.
Now that spring is here, scam artists may begin peddling door-to-door.
Comet mania was at fever pitch, and freewheeling entrepreneurs were everywhere, peddling their wares.

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