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Example sentences for pedant

It is not just the pedants who persist in this usage.
Maybe I'm just a pedant at heart.
I'm just being a wizened little pedant, but you got me riled up.
Carlos is an eccentric pedant of about forty.
It is the finest piece that has been composed, as some pedant has said, since the Romans died.
He now suspected that back of Simon's needle-pointed teeth beat the anxious heart of an overextended pedant.
He appeared to them to be a queer kind of pedant; they did not care for him, and made no overtures to him, and he avoided them.
Such words as assassination, pedant, obscene and premeditated appeared first in Shakespeare.
Don't bait the pedant.
He was no longer addressing his peers by then but ministering to youthful acolytes, playing the pacifist pedant of the past.
He was no pedant for pure English, still less for the vocabulary of a pedagogue reared upon the classical tongues.
Nor was it undertaken with the narrow ambition of the pedant.

Famous quotes containing the word pedant

A frightful dialect for the stupid, the pedant and dullard sort.... more
The scholar, without good breeding, is a pedant; the philosopher, a cynic; the soldier, a brute; and every ... more
The scholar may lose himself in schools, in words, and become a pedant; but when he comprehends his duties,... more
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