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Once the system is installed, it will stop the car if both the brake pedal and accelerator pedal are depressed.
People were not going to pedal their planes themselves.
Cyclists pedal at their own pace, regrouping at points of interest and in the evenings to share their experiences.
He bolted a piece of plywood between the back wheels to create a place to sit and pedal.
Then you lock it in place by touching an ingenious foot pedal.
In bad weather, some athletes turn to indoor bike trainers, which hold the bike in place while they pedal.
Ride in the granny gear and pedal faster to move slower.
Going south on a bicycle means you have not to pedal, or only pedal through minimal effort.
Or you can pedal in the morning to work off last night's meal and wine, then return to the barge for a leisurely afternoon.
The engine restarts as the driver's foot leaves the brake but before it touches the gas pedal.
She was dressed in a light blue fluffy angora sweater, pedal pushers and sneakers.
Hire a pedicab to pedal you around the neighborhood's attractions.
Office workers are encouraged to shed their business suits in favor of sandals, khakis, and pedal pushers.
The accelerator pedal should be removed from controlling the engine.
Frost's pedal organ has been repaired and remains in the farmhouse.
We show him where to grab a bike when he wants to pedal around with his backpack and a fly rod.
Top rover speed, pedal to the metal: a tenth of a mile an hour.
Hence he could pedal sans performance improving drugs and still come out the winner.
Riders can simply scan their credit card and pedal away.
With no interruptions from cars or rocks, the sensual pleasures of still water and cadenced pedal strokes take hold.
Rubato was employed sparingly and the sustaining pedal was never down for long.
The middle pedal was used to engage reverse gear, and the right pedal operated the engine brake.
And when you do stop, accelerate slowly--don't floor the gas pedal.
The brakes work well enough, though the pedal feel is a bit vague.
The automaker has insisted that electronic issues are not involved in the sticking pedal situation.
The particulars of the case-whether one company has the right to patent an adjustable car pedal-leave room for excitement.
If you want to know the length of a pedal pipe, you can calculate it in this way.
After pressing on the gas pedal for a second, he lets up briefly, and then presses back down again.
There were various categories: air cannons, trebuchets, pedal-powered doohickeys.
It got these two tourists, who would never otherwise have dreamed of pedal-power, cycling all over town.
Even if a migrant's papers are in order, when a policeman heaves in sight the wisest thing to do is to pedal the other way.
As different, say, as the gas pedal and the gear-shift of a car.
But this works both ways: when you release the gas pedal, the car decelerates faster than a petrol car too.
Most of the rickshaws were rented for as long as the mal-nourished driver could pedal-no more than six hours.
After the next shot at the pedal, the bike puttered.
Push the pedal, and the brain is less able to rewire itself.
But unless you are planning on munching acorns as you pedal, you are well advised to bring some snacks for the road.
The same pedal-pushing that gets you around can also generate power for everything from headlights to iPods.
The researchers learned that the ill twin of the pair couldn't pedal the bike as long as the other.
In effect it slams the pedal to the metal and holds it there.
He's always ready to mash on the brake pedal if the computers fail.
There's a button for a sustain pedal, and the virtual keys are touch sensitive.
Another one is the track of a bicycle pedal, when the bicycle is traveling at right angles to your line of sight.
Pedal power is gaining traction as thousands of bikes and elliptical machines are retrofitted to produce electricity.
Two small lakes are available for fishing and pedal boating, two hiking trails and a swimming pool.
There's no direct connection between the gas pedal and the engine.
For more water time fun rent a surf bike or pedal boat.
The automaker says the accelerator pedal and a backup safety system were tested and worked properly.
In the conventional setup, it's linked to the gas pedal by a thin metal cable threaded through a grooved wheel.
No more awkward stage banter as you fiddle with your tuning pedal between songs at a gig.
Light weight takes some of the pain out of portaging over pedal-unfriendly obstacles.
Here is how you do it: jump on a bike and pedal in a straight line.
The pedal-friendly festival of shorts and features celebrates the glory of the bicycle.
Pedal extensions can help shorter drivers accelerate and brake without leaning too close to the steering wheel.
If the rider tries to push down on the other pedal too soon, the foot might fall through or the pedal could break off.
Continue putting the pedal to the medal in your work.
It's time to put the pedal to the metal, but don't stress about it.
Putting pedal to the metal turns the autumn scene into a blur anyway.
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