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The snakes, though, don't seem to be complaining about their peculiar glands.
In the tropical forests of Madagascar, there lives a very peculiar kind of bat.
For this task, he was peculiarly well equipped.
Winter stoneflies are peculiar little creatures.
But his voice was most peculiar and characteristic.
Some ideas for musicals are peculiar but brilliant.
It's a peculiar sort of beauty.
It's not a peculiar outcome, it is simply the outcome.
It's a peculiar task, this job of trying to make bland tomatoes taste good.
Call me peculiar, but improbable freak muscles are not attractive.
Also, she was making a peculiar stiff-necked side-to-side motion with her head.
It is salt to the taste, and has a peculiar faint odor and an alkaline reaction.
The church's long view of human affairs-in fact, the longest possible-makes it a peculiar player on the world scene.
One reason for their success has to do with the peculiar nature of sports-media consumption.
But their slowness to register officially as candidates is an indication of the peculiar dynamics of the race.
But the peculiar way in which the information came to light is casting doubt on its significance.
Another reason, however, is peculiar to today and risks greatly amplifying the generic one.
Smart eateries are putting peculiar mushrooms on the menu.
It also imposed a communist-style modernity that eroded, sometimes savagely, its peculiar ethnicities and ancient religions.
The root cause of all this inactivity is our peculiar form of democracy.
His lawyer, however, issued a peculiar non-denial that focused instead on his client's right to privacy in the bedroom.
There is also something peculiar in the book's argument.
But this is not clearly true given the peculiar characteristics of military service.
Clearly, the use of this measure has some peculiar consequences.
Conway also has a yearly festival by the same peculiar name, the origins of which have never been determined.
The question of legality leaves colleges in a peculiar position.
Getting accommodations for his peculiar brain functioning has so far proved to be a joke.
But there's a peculiar animus that guides the reading style of many graduate students.
But it kept my peculiar dream to be a faculty member alive.
Last season's collection of combat outfits merely scratched the surface of peculiar, quirky or downright silly ensembles.
The hedgehog was named because of its peculiar foraging methods.
Hut-to-hut travel is quickly becoming a favorite among the peculiar species known as mountain bikers.
The abundance and spectacular condition of the fossils have much to do with the peculiar geography of the place.
Perhaps the biggest surprise is how the innermost layers revolve-especially when compared with the sun's peculiar outer rotation.
The team suspected the peculiar smelling blob might be a giant octopus, a species only known from legend.
Biogeography, for instance, offered a great pageant of peculiar facts and patterns.
Every one was roused by the peculiar shock, but no visible explanation was furnished.
The house is full of winding hallways, unusual antiques, and peculiar paintings.
Army ant attacks can elicit peculiar behaviors in potential prey.
Peculiar though her first name may be, her surname indicates to her countrymen that she was born to the media purple.
The notion of dark energy is peculiar, even by cosmological standards.
The law certainly seems to give the peculiar message that teachers are not to be trusted.
Several peculiar abuses sprang up in the country districts in connection with the shifting marriage regulations.
Awaiting a tribe of spotters in their element is a peculiar experience.
Different energy levels have different number of photons with peculiar characteristics.
We have a mastery over our selves and our environments that is peculiar to our species.
They promise an unprecedented look at the history of these peculiar structures in both birds and non-avian dinosaurs.
Professionals are simply getting better at differentiating our peculiar strain of widely-varying behaviors.
The really peculiar thing about these cetaceans is that only the adult males have backward fins.
Similar examples of peculiar rituals and regimented routines in athletics abound.
One peculiar aspect of twisted light could prove especially endearing to astronomers.
But, traditionally, the study of these intuitions has employed a somewhat peculiar method.
But evidence for this peculiar behavior has been limited to indirect detection via nuclear magnetic resonance imaging.
In doing so, it also caught on film a few peculiar objects that resembled lumpy knots of blue light.
Social psychologists have investigated the phenomenon, which seems to be a peculiar exception to human empathy.
All these different societies were touched by the same event, but each responded to it in its own peculiar way.
Investing was something you had to learn how to do on your own, in your own peculiar way.
It is a peculiar niche, but one in which he seems to feel entirely at home, if not entirely comfortable.
Cutting insults are his peculiar way of being friendly.
She was increasingly reclusive and morose and peculiar, retreating even from the gorillas.
But he did have one peculiar appurtenance: around his neck hung high-powered binoculars, painted shiny gold.
The fruit also has a peculiar color, and the taste resembles that of an apple that has been frozen and thawed out rapidly.
Inside is hot, still, and stuffy with that peculiar dust that seems to reside in old maroon mohair living room suites.
The story is both simple and subtle, and its peculiar power is to surprise us slowly.
One would need to see some sort of defense of the claim that what is peculiar to us is thereby uniquely valuable.
Now he tells us that a biological argument fails if it cannot fully explain some feature peculiar to humans.
Kael responded to this decline in the cultural authority of the movies in a peculiar way.
There is a kind of exaltation and a peculiar kind of happiness that goes with these experiences too.
The anniversary was marked in a peculiar but strangely appropriate way.
The trouble was not necessarily the engineering, or even the peculiar design, which looked fit to split firewood.
Now, not even the peculiar terrors of spring could faze him.
But in many ways, the human body remains a vast and peculiar mystery.
Of all the sucker bets in the history of investing--penny stocks, chain letters, homeownership--lotteries have a peculiar place.
What it isn't afraid to do is show the peculiar, intractable confusion of grief, and that is the strongest aspect of the series.
There are a couple of peculiar things about these tax breaks-which have been around as long as the federal income tax.
If that was meant to be a compliment, it was a slightly peculiar one.
It meant that he was afraid of everybody and that his peculiar humor was a denial of anxiety.
Nonetheless, there's something peculiar about how powerful fears of inflation are.
The fact that buyers want bells and whistles but users want something clear and simple creates a peculiar problem for companies.
There's a peculiar circularity at the heart of the prize's cultural significance.
There are allergies, peculiar diets, and all sorts of food issues.
Most notable to me is the peculiar way in which she endows objects with subjectivity.
As they grown increasingly tired, their conversation takes on a more peculiar and serious tone.
What makes the book urgent now, however, is its peculiar angle of vision.
For poetic purposes he likes situations where he is likely to encounter the peculiar and the unexpected.
One finding may explain the moon's peculiar two-faced quality.
Astronomers had previously regarded our sun as peculiar for its dearth of lithium.
But researchers haven't been able to explain the peculiar patterns of the bleaching.
Negative matter is quite peculiar because it is lighter than nothing.
The leech's peculiar talent is to create a wound that bleeds for hours.
And therein lies the peculiar and precise horror of parasites.
What biology is doing is refuting a peculiar social construction of race.
Most physicists accept these peculiar restrictions as part and parcel of the theory.
The exquisite preservation of these corpses comes courtesy of some peculiar bog chemistry.
Whereupon something peculiar and thrilling presented itself: the golden ratio.
But other animals seem to eat peculiar things when they get sick, too.
All flatfish, for instance, have prongs on some of their vertebrae that bow forward in a peculiar and distinctive way.
That's mighty peculiar, given how spectacular it is in the west after sunset.
There is a peculiar intangibility to space, as well.
Each gulp draws in a big load of water thanks to some peculiar anatomic changes in their muscles and bones.
Light traveling through a crystal, hitting one lattice plane after another, can interfere in a peculiar way.
Chimpanzees also have peculiar adaptations in their feet that make them particularly adept in trees.
They came to be known as lobe-fins, for their peculiar appendages.
Their blinking became a peculiar flicker that he found depersonalizing.
Their simulations prove not only that the ring exists but that it has a peculiar structure.
For a nuclear physicist to include a stroll through an almond grove as part of his research may seem a bit peculiar.

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