pecking order in a sentence

Example sentences for pecking order

It's the beginning of the pecking order that doesn't stop at the property line of the farm.
We are in a good place as far as the teams in our conference rank, but there's a pecking order that takes place in the conference.
Another type of pecking order revolves around the placement of a group's detector.
It's an exposé on the vicious pecking order that is sometimes humorous, sometimes mildly tragic.
The pecking order can get so crazy that you end up with a fatality.
On the other hand, this seems to be about the mildest case of pecking order horrors.
It's a way of testing each other and establishing some early sense of a pecking order.
How much of that is because they are interested in maintaining their spot, and keeping others below them, in the pecking order.
Today's offices use low-wall cubicles, high-wall cubicles and offices to define status and pecking order.
In the barbecue pecking order, gas grills sit at the bottom.
There's a pecking order when it comes to movies around our house.
Athletics conferences double as academic peer groups, and give a glimpse into the pecking order among research universities.
In short, it's a pecking order, and the higher ranked journals have a more rigorous review process.
Proof comes in the pecking order in which valets park the nicest cars.
When you don't have a couple million dollars invested in cars, it's easy to forget there is a pecking order among those who do.
If not enough volunteers relinquish their seats, each airline has a pecking order to determine who enjoys priority seating.
They will join together in a fight and fight to establish a pecking order.
The media coverage of high school sports in this area pretty much reveals the pecking order of things on the scholastic level.
Perez is younger than both of his new bullpen mates and could move ahead of them in the pecking order.
Greg's mill was part of a revolution in industry that would profoundly alter the world's pecking order.
At the bottom of the pecking order, in terms of both cost and speed, are services offered by mobile-phone companies.
If you measure inequality of wealth rather than income, the global pecking order changes.
Their taxes would leave the pecking order intact and envy undiminished.
Nobody enjoys being at the bottom of a pecking order.
But the dramatic changes in the pecking order mask a lack of more profound change in the system of finance itself.
Firms can, of course, recognise their own data and judge where they stand in the pecking order.
Milly, for example, was second from bottom in the mandrill pecking order.
In one study, researchers left the pecking order in some chicken flocks undisturbed.
We understood where basketball stood in the pecking order, since the tiny locker room made the point.
How late he was depended on where he stood in the pecking order.
Customer service will always fall way behind the revenue in the pecking order.
Pricing supports both the trade-off and pecking order theories of capital structure.
Yet service workers are often the lowest in the pecking order.
Themes of conformity, the need for rituals, the tendency toward a pecking order.
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