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People didn't know that ice cream could be more exciting than butter pecan.
The campus is lined with native live oak and pecan trees as well as imported palm trees.
If you have a sweet tooth, don't miss the crispy pecan waffle, dressed with a pecan praline syrup.
Desserts range from autumn fruit crisp to brown butter pumpkin layer cake to chocolate pecan pie.
Sweet potato pecan pie and creme brulee are some of the dishes on the decadent dessert menu.
Dessert items include hot peanut pudding, peanut and pecan pudding, almond pudding and sorbet varieties.
Cheesecake and pecan brownie sundaes are available for dessert.
At the bakery counter you can pick fresh-baked muffins, cinnamon and pecan rolls, bagels and scones.
Brunch fare includes baked pecan-encrusted trout and various fruit crepes.
For something lighter, try the popular pear, pecan and cherry salad topped with homemade organic cherry vinaigrette.
It's a good place to buy pecans, being that it nestles in the heart of pecan country.
Their skin tones range from caramel-pecan to purplish ebony.
We won't take sides in the pumpkin pie versus sweet potato pie or apple versus pecan debate.
Caramel bodies spill over stumpy pecan legs, their chocolate shells delicate, still shiny from the vat.
Alternative approaches for suppression of the pecan weevil are desired.
Nutrient element deficiency or toxicity is a common problem in commercial pecan production enterprises.

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When it came to poetry, my father was not an absolutist. Pie was his favorite subject for a couplet, but every three or ... more
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