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It brought about the use of peat and coal as alternate sources of energy.
Scientists have found that these mangroves are built on top of ten or twelve meters of solid peat.
Note that plants in peat pots receive a slightly different treatment.
They cut their peat from the high ridge and harvested fish from the sea.
One, put your peat pots on a tray of some sort so you can water them from the bottom uniformly.
Tendrils of smoke curled from the peat ground cover and floated into the chrome yellow sky.
Each depended on local sources for its water, harvested nearby peat for fuel and grew and malted its own barley.
Sow them in small peat pots using a seed-starting medium.
And hangs above the valley-roofs, filmed blue with burning peat.
Peat and moor have made way for pasture and tillage.
They are essentially frozen peat bogs, which contain huge amounts of methane.
To get the spores even higher, the peat mosses shoot them out, using their stalks as mini-cannons.
Dozens of plumes from forest and peat bog fires can be seen scattered everywhere.
The garbage had been dumped into a peat swamp that was mildly acidic.
Today, although it's no longer the primary fuel source, peat is still used to flavor the barley.
On either side of the snaking single-lane road peat bogs stretch as far as the eye can see.
Peat, another additive in many fertilizers, could actually contribute to global warming.
Breakfast on your balcony, champagne and canapes in peat-fired lounge, then choose from wild and organic menu.
Peat mining shifts hydrologic output from evapotranspiration to point source runoff.
Therefore, start them indoors in peat pots one month before you set them outdoors as started plants.

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