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Agriculture is essentially peasantry if farmers lack powered machinery.
Briefly they triumphed, raising hopes among the impoverished local peasantry and gathering a group of supporters.
Stiles also disposes easily of the image of social bandits defending the peasantry.
For historians, it seems to be saying something about the mental world of the early modern peasantry.
The political appeal of such a transportation system to a peasantry is obvious.
The area's ostentatious peasantry has mostly acquired its gaudy real estate with the help of remittances from abroad.
Now in point of fact such a custom has left unmistakable traces of itself in the rural festivals of the peasantry.
The crime of parricide is becoming more and more frequent among the peasantry.
Backyard furnaces turned the peasantry's tools and cookware into useless molten globs.
The social upheaval brought about a new mobility among the long-suffering peasantry, and with it a new aggressiveness.
Ultimately, the tsars supported the reformers while the illiterate peasantry often violently opposed them.

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