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Example sentences for peaceful

May you resolve the contradictions raging beneath the surface and live a serene and peaceful life.
Choose a scene that you find peaceful, calm and restful.
Despite the disruption of work, the crowd at the port was peaceful.
But the repression that followed has dashed hopes for peaceful reform.
The word is that a provisional result, and a peaceful change, is imminent.
Though crowded in summer, the lodge makes a peaceful outpost for long day hikes in spring.
One overlooked benefit of aging populations may be the prospect of a more peaceful world.
Our experts didn't take it as a given that a civilization that survived for a long time would be peaceful.
Demonstrators in the capital have stressed the peaceful nature of their protests.
King believed that peaceful refusal to obey unjust law was the best way to bring about social change.
Instead, head out into the spring sunshine for a peaceful picnic lunch this year.
But they have no other choice except working together in a peaceful way, and no one is going to change that.
Commentators ignore the immense military use of materiel better used for peaceful purposes.
The result is a garden that feels both peaceful and playful.
If you're getting ready to take an afternoon nap, make a quiet and peaceful playlist that will help you relax.
The outside world's efforts to persuade the government to pursue a peaceful solution are floundering.
The peaceful transfer of power is a hallmark of democracy.
For me the guided meditation has helped a lot in making me feel calm, peaceful and centered.
He remained an advocate of atomic energy for peaceful purposes to the end of his life.
Meerkats seem to enjoy a peaceful way of life: everyone living in extended family groups, all pitching in to help raise the pups.
Before that time, they were normal, peaceful primates.
World will be a lot peaceful place to live in harmony.
We may as well be comfortable and peaceful while being addicted.
Vegetarianism is a peaceful choice any parent can feel safe supporting.
Peaceful protests garners sympathy, violence garners anger.
More regime changes, possibly less peaceful ones, may follow as economic conditions worsen.
Many of the gift shops are shuttered, relics of a more peaceful time.
But this tumultuous galactic merger is anything but peaceful.
Anyone with a viable peaceful option, please speak up.
As things now stand, a peaceful election is fanciful.
Its conquest deserves the best of all mankind, and its opportunity for peaceful cooperation many never come again.
The government was brutalizing a peaceful movement while painting its adherents as dangerous criminals.
After all, the snowcapped volcano seemed peaceful and calm.
Prior to her research, people thought that chimpanzees were peaceful vegetarians.
In the autumn afternoon light the scenery looked huge and impressive but at the same time sweet and peaceful.
Despite the opposition's call for a peaceful protest this week, disturbances seemed inevitable.
The world would be peaceful and the energy companies would be out of work.
But a peaceful protest turned nasty after police arrived.
There are examples of both warlike and peaceful societies in history.
The violence here has transformed a largely peaceful uprising into a tribal conflict with no clear end in sight.
It attracts more birds than still water alone, and its soothing sound track transforms your space into a peaceful retreat.
If current events are any indicator, no good comes of forcing peaceful protestors to leave by violent means.
There was something peaceful about the commute during the first two years.
Lemurs are by and large peaceful, but they still display the usual primate fixations on rank and reproductive opportunity.
It is full of peaceful thoughts, happy thoughts, this tree.
We can only use comparative terms, however, in speaking of the peaceful years.
As if a more peaceful world would lack a reason to have large and strong families.
Unlike their violent cousins, bonobos are generally peaceful.
US citizens are warned that demonstrations intended to be peaceful can escalate into violent clashes.
It's peaceful here, away from the hustle-bustle of home and work.
They can expect to live a long, peaceful life, free from diseases and turmoil.
It was a calm, sun-filled day, crossed by peaceful clouds that gave no hint of any natural disaster.
He traveled during a relatively peaceful time, so this is not a book about taking physical risks.
We come back every fall, simply because it is to beautiful and peaceful.
Today the highway runs underground, leaving the gap almost as peaceful as ever.
Obviously these particular waiting rooms were far from peaceful places.
It would make our neighborhood something less than the calm, peaceful place it is now.
They emerge out of everybody's preference to live in a peaceful world.
It may be taught in an inconsistent manner, but the overall goal is create good, peaceful people.
No matter how those exaggerations are wrong, this is game over for any peaceful use of nuclear energy.
The vast majority of religious people mean well and are taught to be peaceful and accepting of others.
One stage for heated battles is the otherwise peaceful, if often soporific, college faculty meeting.
The mostly peaceful protest was one of the largest reported in nearly three years.
Freedom of thought, in a peaceful and economically benign environment, enjoyed with devoted friends.
It's so peaceful, quiet, and conducive to good thinking time away from production mode.
But when peaceful protesters marched for change a few weeks ago he shot them-seemingly with relish.
Although the run-off itself was largely peaceful, the result quickly stirred unrest in the loser's camp.
If that is reversed, a peaceful secession looks less likely.
Allow only peaceful development with resorts, retirement communities and tourist traps.
The routine protests this week were mostly peaceful, even festive.
Peaceful protests continue, however, and are even intensifying.
The region must see that the simultaneous rise of two continent-sized big powers is peaceful.
And he won not by violence but by means of peaceful demonstrations.
Despite the rising level of frustration, however, the protesters remained peaceful.
For all, peaceful empowerment has become the preferred means of making political decisions and producing change.
Much of their drinking water comes from a lake in the peaceful countryside north of town.
Denial of service is not merely a peaceful protest meant to garner attention for a cause.
They are ideals of constructing peaceful and productive relationships with neighbors.
Negotiations aimed at a peaceful resolution continue.
We share some common objectives and should seek peaceful ways to achieve our goals.
While some people afflicted with it adjust and even come to enjoy their peaceful living conditions, others sink into deep funks.
Police relish in dragging peaceful protesters through the streets by their feet.
Finding a peaceful get-away isn't always an easy endeavor.
We want the cemetery to give a peaceful feeling to our community.
But the size and configuration of this facility is inconsistent with a peaceful program.

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