payout in a sentence

Example sentences for payout

The second race to the moon has begun-and this time there will be a big cash payout for the winner.
The cost is low and so are the odds of discovery, but the payout would be tremendous.
Whether the machine pays out lots of little prizes or a few big ones, the payout level is generally set by law.
Dividend cuts would not help much: these firms sensibly stuck to stingy payout policies.
Paying a pension for longer is much more expensive, particularly if the payout is linked to inflation.
Companies have reduced the payout ratio without growing earnings sufficiently to compensate.
In fact many of them were voluntary with people getting a good payout and leaving happily.
The game with the best payout odds, by the way: craps.
The company said that after the ruling it was reviewing its dividend payout to shareholders.
In the second group, the payout was tied to the performance of the entire school.
All instant winners will have a cash payout showing the amount won.
Programs should have clear, understandable payout formulas.
During the payout phase, you get your payments back, along with any investment income and gains.
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