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Thousands of visitors were permitted to enter the shaft and gaze at the wonderful tunneling machine on payment of a penny a head.
If you ordered directly from us, please note that it takes a few days for a payment to be processed.
Payment by check is preferable as a cancelled check is proof payment has been received by us and registration has been processed.
Payment must be made by closing unless advertising is placed through an accredited agency.
Payment to publisher must be made by closing unless advertising is placed through an accredited agency.
Some facilities require a coin payment at the entrance.
Failure to comply will result in payment being withheld.
Yet some cities that offered no resistance escaped with payment of a tribute and with looting by the army-standard practices.
They could also be given a reasonable payment as compensation for the loss of their livelihood.
If they killed the beasts, gun-waving colonists demanded payment.
If your order has been charged, you will receive a refund to the same payment method.
The hostages were eventually freed, but only after two agonizing months and payment of a ransom.
In addition to providing an estimate of projected debt, they should show the monthly payment and total payments on that debt.
Payment is due before campus-wide access is provided.
Government contractors may continue to work if they received payment in advance or are willing to temporarily work without pay.
Private-sector recruiters have faced bureaucratic hurdles that complicate the payment of commissions.
As required by his contract, he will also receive a year's salary as a severance payment.
Seemingly few persons realize that a letter of social introduction is actually a draft for payment on demand.
The caller accepted the agent's explanation but thought he shouldn't be liable for the returned-payment charge.
Legalizing payment for organs is a ferociously controversial topic in the organ world.
We need to insure that payment under any system is decent enough for patients to find physicians in their communities to see them.
The hotel demanded payment in advance, and the drivers were reluctant to wear tuxedos.
Advertiser and agency placing order are jointly and severally liable for payment.
The basic cause of this deficiency is the payment-system for psychiatrists ie money need ie greed.
Any payment that remains when a property is sold transfers to the next owner.
Gaining access to these data sets requires an application and payment, but the site provides for free a sampling of the images.
The meter can tell you that your time is expiring by giving you a phone call and it will also accept additional payment by phone.
Add those fees together and in little time you have a substantial new utility payment every month.
So if you should seek any permission or payment, it is not worth using the photo at all.
First-time home buyers often don't have tens of thousands of dollars sitting around to use as a down payment.
There, the content providers are demanding a payment from service providers and have had significant success in their effort.
But going forward that price may become more dependent on down payment size.
Somebody expecting payment won't get paid when he's expecting a payment.
They'll have short credit histories, relatively low wages, and little savings for a down payment.
Landlords checking to see if you have a habit of rent non-payment.
Refundable tax credits can take your burden past zero, turning your tax bill into a tax payment.
Used-car dealers charge their wholesale cost as a down payment.
But others might use it towards a down payment on a home or car.
My phone notified me that my payment was sent, and the cashier gave me the thumbs up to say he received it.
The argument goes that the airplay alone is payment enough, in that it helps to sell records.
With cash machines and bank branches at every street corner there is less call for an alternative payment system.
Thereafter, a buyer can e-mail a payment directly to a seller.
Firms usually get a few weeks' grace to make a payment.
Transaction costs are also likely to be lower than those for traditional payment systems, though these are not in fact zero.
If they're not liquidity-constrained they will probably resort to other means of payment.
Transaction costs are also likely to be lower than those for traditional payment systems, though they are not zero.
Imagine you could write cheques that were accepted as payment but never cashed.
Tolls will be collected automatically via pre-payment cards enabling non-stop collection, or by toll booths at exits.
For example, payment in kind would eliminate many of the risky innovations that led to the financial crisis.
Also, for each individual, their increasing tax payment is negligible in reducing deficit.
Namely, it's the monthly payment that really matters and the monthly payment merely reflects affordability.
The expansion of a pilot payment system by mobile phone this week has quickened its stride.
Six years should be the max length of a car loan and there needs to be increasing down payment requirements for longer loans.
Naturally, many of the borrowers attracted to these were people who could not afford a higher monthly payment.
The country leads the world in payment cards that can be waved, not swiped.
The main deterrent, it turned out, was the lack of payment.
Most important, the fixed-cost-wide-access payment model would be preserved.
If you are far too deep within the hole, they're going to commonly desire that you pay the payment fully.
In a real sense, it is my payment for the benefit of the collective immunity.
Square's innovative payment system eliminates all of this: there's no credit check, no hardware costs, and no fixed costs.
When your software receives the updated log it knows your payment was successful.
The business owners can use them to turn a profit via a payment system.
Adobe would handle the payment details, and the developer could access any money made from the app through a single interface.
It may also help inexpensive chips lock unauthorized users out of cell phones, pagers or payment cards.
Fee-for-service payment gives doctors incentives to provide more services than needed and allows for fraudulent billing.
No major decisions, on investment or payment, are taken in formal meetings.
In particular, they want to increase the amount of the down payment required to obtain a mortgage.
They manage the payment systems, nationally and internationally.
It costs too much to maintain, and the payment is not made in money but in suppleness of thought.
Many more people are refusing to support criminal acts by payment of war taxes.
The tone of this letter was polite, even grateful that payment would be made.
It's as if you bought a house and the bank at any time had the right to demand payment in full-tomorrow.
Later, another small part, even smaller than the previous payment.
He is driven not by the aggregate amount of debt he possesses but by the amount of the payment.
In response to the copper coin's declining value, some stores have stopped accepting it as a form of payment.
Payment adjustment information will be posted to this page.
Your monthly payment will never be less than the amount of interest that accrues between payments.
Both are computed using the base acres and payment yields established for the farm.

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