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Of course, the ideal vessel should have lines as noble as the surroundings and room for a payload of toys.
Every minute or so, a new one pulls up ahead of the paving machines to release a flood of wet concrete from its payload.
Increasingly, tourists and adventure seekers have become the payload for scenic rides along formerly industrial tracks.
The loss of power will reduce significantly the payload they can carry-possibly to the point of making them useless.
Its a good idea if battery weight does not make up a significant part of the payload.
But getting there and returning home on one tank of gas while carrying a sizable payload is almost impossible.
The weight of the payload is distributed along the keel.
Then, commercial space operations can commence at low costs that allow a huge increase payload size.
First, they must somehow deliver their genetic payload into enough cells to do some good.
The latter payload successfully separated, unfurled itself, and has been exciting space scientists since.
The payload of the shell usually comprises small spherical pellets of pyrotechnic composition designed to generate light.
When placed in the vicinity of a cancerous tumor, these tiny delivery robots would release a payload of cancer-fighting medicine.
Put a small nuke at the bottom in a put a thick steel plate underneath an automated payload capsule.
It is cheaper in fuel cost when considering payload to get to the nearest asteroid then to take a trip to the moon and back.
Such a delay could give researchers time to get their heads around a tantalizing add-on to the probe's payload.
No, because the malware might be a payload inserted by someone or something else.
The device transfers the backpack's payload from the back of the wearer to the ground.
Anyway, in this case severe instability or a shutdown would be the payload and a policing system would never notice it.
The payload container was lifted into the rotating service structure.
When the time came, the astronauts used a system of pulleys, reels and tapes to lower the vehicle from the payload bay.
Unfortunately, the upper-stage went off course and sent the payload into the sea.
It was found on the system by other workers, however, before it was able to deliver its payload.
Not only can it carry signals and intelligence sensors in its payload bay.
And yes, you really can stash a huge hardware payload in here.
The ability of an aircraft to fly long distances to deliver a payload of bombs established the importance of the bomber fleet.
Scientists have doubled the payload of today's popcorn-at the expense of taste.
The premise is deceptively simple: the heavier the rocket or its payload, the more fuel it takes to reach orbit.
As an added safety feature, the virus is designed to inactivate itself after it delivers its payload.
So you only pay in energy for the payload lifted, not the elevator itself.
There's a limit to payload sizes, so prioritization must be done.
There are missiles that can accept a nuclear payload.
It can never happen due to the extremely high cost of launching any payload.
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