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Worse, this doesn't factor in tax payer subsidies to produce ethanol.
It is also true that it probably doesn't make a whole heck of a lot of difference to you as a rate payer or even your utility.
We have recently seen a major tax-payer revolt across this country, which has led to sizable income-tax reductions.
So the minorities get bad credit ratings and the tax payer gets stuck.
Additionally, the student loan default rate is through the roof and--at the tax payer's expense.
When wealthy people offer money for college employees to partake in personal behaviors of the payer's choice, that's odd.
What better use of tax payer money than to provide a free public education for all of the nation.
Too much time and tax payer money spent on this kind of nonsense.
In discussing the morality of a single-payer system, those efficiency considerations are irrelevant.
The single payer approach also guarantees that everyone in the country has medical coverage.
These folks have single-payer health care paid for by the government, and have had it for decades.
Venture capitalists will find it too risky to invest in markets where one payer controls prices.
Some of these conditions can be removed without disturbing anybody much, unless it be the tax-payer.
They never end, generate their own reasons for continuing, and drain the tax payer for ever.
Citizens are thus reminded that society must always balance the payer against the payee, the future against the present.
The sacrifices made to make it happen will have been as much by the scientific community as it has been by the tax payer.
Nasa is only one of a hundred such programs sucking up tax payer money.
So multinational corporations can walk in and buy companies that the tax payer built, for next to nothing.
The solution again is to make the tax payer pay for the failure of the regulators whom also the tax payer funded.
He also said he wouldn't push a single-payer system.
Such systems can be accomplished through either a single payer or a free market system.
What's worse is the tax payer money spent on this obvious event.
Scientific experiments bring in billions of tax payer dollars.
Folks there are more ways to fund scientific research than to depend on the tax payer.
Using your logic, the government should be giving away money to every single tax payer.
The rest of the civilized world has single payer healthcare, and it is both better and cheaper than ours.
If it is tax-payer funded, the public owns the data.
It would be a poor use of tax dollars and would upset a tax payer as being extravagant.
Of course in the long term it will cost the tax payer a whole lot more due to the cost of replacing all those police vehicles.
Four of a kind is, then, the meat of this machine--a high payer relative to its frequency.
These are extremely important in motivating new people and in getting the tax-payer support for the different missions.
Economically he has greatly increased the national debt by using tax payer's to bail out failing corporations.
Our country has already had it's generational suck of tax payer monies for the war.
Funding anything with tax payer money without oversight is a bad idea.
There is a solution, proven effective for hundreds of millions of people: single-payer health insurance.
Similarly, a lot of people think a single-payer health insurance system would be much more efficient than the individual mandate.
You've provided yet another powerful argument for single payer.
The payer, meanwhile, uses his own private key to approve any transfers to a recipient's account.
Prison did what it was supposed to do, and too rarely does: it turned someone from a tax burden into a tax-payer.
Finally, single payer systems are way, way cheaper and better than ours.
At some point, when there is no longer a choice, they will have to establish a single payer that will eliminate fee-for service.
Actually, no tax payer funds should be use to subsidize any private for profit insurance plans.
But he is bad for not wanting to use tax payer money to honor someone.
No reform proposals in serious consideration call for a single-payer system.
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