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Public education is a pawn of politics from the local level to the national level.
If the best chess players had enhanced memories, then the location shouldn't matter: a pawn was still a pawn.
Lets acknowledge who are the kingmakers and who is the pawn.
Each player chooses a piece and flicks his pawn to advance around the track.
Now they've moved to pawn shops and scrap haulers, suggesting a world ready for optimism.
Trying to pawn it off on creative writers, or anyone else who isn't a comp specialist, is disgraceful.
Until you realize this, you'll never be more than a pawn in their schemes.
If you get a flat, you don't have to pawn your kidneys.
For anyone who dared to move a pawn against him, the reason was obvious.
Elaine and her gang take to the streets with garbage bags of stumps, trying to pawn them off on anyone and everyone.
Even the development, through natural selection, of adaptive variation within a given species is a sacrificed pawn.
Perhaps whoever it was was an ignorant pawn, simply someone asked to mail a few parcels.
Everything is automated-you hold your hand over your pawn and it tells you how many spaces to move.
He had always been a pawn in other people's power struggles, and even as a pawn his utility was declining.
If you live off the sales of the family jewels, you'll soon be at the mercy of the pawn-broker.
Sell those six championship trophies at the nearest pawn shop.
The pawn inventory print-out and the original pawn transaction tickets only indicate that defendant entered both.
The pawn business works well, because the pawn shop has possession of the pawned item.

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Humanity i love you because when you're hard up you pawn your intelligence to buy a drink... more
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